Your bike in front of something different...


Smile a mile bike provider
My new to me Pinnarello and some exercise equipment



The dogs chew toy
Oh hell no!
You can't have a bike with the name "Wayfarer" on it. Mine has that privilege!

OK - I'll admit it - none of those are my bikes.

As my bike was sat all nice and cosy inside the Spoons in Bexhill while I sat in front of it outside surveying the streetscene.

A fair few other cylists of varying ages rolled up while I was sat there, including an older chap on an electric bike who was sat on the next table to me.

The sign in the middle of the shop opposite does of course pay homage to a certain other store. But I must admit I haven't a clue what "In the big egg" means to the right of it.

Beer was nice.

Edit, in case someone wonders why i posted a pic of a bit of old tree. I took the pic for the shop sign, so I could believe it existed.
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