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Trip out to Rhayader to test it on the loose stuff. Coped well enough, pleasantly surprised.
Pity they haven't cleared away the landslip up on the path alongside the top reservoir.
Good excuse to go back and try it again in month or so...
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it's already featured here, but I believe it's worthy of another mention

A Guide-Post/Obelisk, dating to the days of Coaching & TurnPikes

Higher, as it's easier to read, from the drivers position, of the Coach
One of three, in the village!!
All three are on the A628, but by the central Guide-Post at the junction with Station Road (opposite Ackworth School; 'the Quaker school') it becomes Pontefract Road as it heads northwards (Barnsley Road, to the south of the School)

This is the southerly G-P at the junction of Barnsley Road, & Bell Lane

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Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...

MBIFO in front of the nettle strewn path in Harleston Firs that I had to get through, wearing shorts, on today's ride

My bike in front of, I think, Cold War aircraft hangars somewhere in Wiltshire iirc. The whole place looked like it was mothballed apart from one dull orangy light over the doors of one of the other hangars. There was no chance I was going in to take a closer look

Edit: again, my photography skill leaves a lot to be desired, those hangars are BIG
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