Your bike in front of something different...


Keeping the Carlton and Sun names alive...
Plymouth, Devon

Millbay Docks, Plymouth.

1964 Carlton Flyer.
One of mine in front of the Roman villa ruins at Bancroft in Milton Keynes, about 800 metres from the concrete cows and about 400 meters away from the Milton Keynes Museum (well worth a day out, even if only for the tea and cake in the excellent cafe, baked on site by Mrs Rhoder)

The development corporation dug out a mosaic tile floor back when I was a kid

that tall bloke on the left is me......
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This space available to rent
South Wales
MBIFO the D340 sign and the 2000m Glandasse.

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That's a very depressing satnav moment right there

"Turn Left. In 17 km you are going to Die"
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