Your First Commute of the Year


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How was yours?

Mine? Haven't ridden the bike since 24th December, so I was seriously out of condition. Pushed hard up the small hill through the park, and suffered a bit (was trying to get ahead of someone of similar speed). Came to ride home and found I had a puncture so took the train instead.

But, good temperature, dryish, and felt really, really good being back on the bike again.
6/10. Hoping it gets better.
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I'll tell you when i've done it. off ill at the moment. :sad:


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Mine was a breeze, though I am on the flat and it prob helped that I did a couple of 15 mile rides in the snow over xmas just to keep me topped up.
It was getting back into the morning workout regime after lots of lie-ins and cheeseboards that had me struggling!


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I've divided mine over two days- the bike is in the back of the car to ride home tonight.
I did throw off 30 miles on Friday though so not expecting any surprises.

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All good on mine and saw loaaaaaaads of new folks out there too - resolutions aplenty, methinks. 2 rides yesterday on mainly clear roads. no frost. no ice. fairly warm. legs felt unstoppable. bit sweaty at the end of both, but thats the norm. only issue was my gearing, so plenty of fiddling with cables ahead.

This mornings ride though, was not so great. Legs hurt. Bit colder. Gears still not perfect so need another tiny tweak and it should be perfecto :smile: Also saw a newbie out there fly by me, carving his way through the traffic a bit swisher than the norm, so I followed on for a change and I'll thank him for that if I see him again, because he defintely speeded me up a bit. Nice to have some company for a change. 34ish miles complete :smile:


Cough splutter. Breath. Go on you know you can. Lungs that's called fresh air. Try and get used to it will you.

Finished work 19th dec. Did no exercise until yesterday's ride in. Boy can I tell. Legs were mostly ok, once they'd remembered what they were supposed to do. By the time I'd warmed up a bit, it was fun and very glad to be back on the bike. Going home wasn't too bad, and this morning's tail wind made me feel fit as a fiddle. Shame the scales are still reporting all that xmas cake!


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Mine was yesterday, hadn't done anything bar a bit of gentle walking since December 11th, the hills were interesting, but aside from being a bit slower going in it was all doable. Felt better on the return journey but won't know numbers until I download the ride tomorrow. It was a better 24 mile round trip than I'd anticipated.

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My first one was yesterday after two weeks off the bike. The ride in was good, although I had to take it a bit easy after not cycling for a fortnight but I encountered two idiots on the way back. First was in a Plumbase van that nearly sideswiped me at a junction rather than wait behind a right-turning car. The second was a 4x4 less than a minute later, on a road with a row of parked cars one each side and only room for one vehicle in the middle. I could sense they were itching to overtake but I wasn't prepared to ride in the door zone so they had to wait behind me for all of ten seconds. When I got to the mini-roundabout at the end of the road I was treated to a load of aggressive revving and a wheelspin as they drove away.

This was the first day I'd left my helmetcam at home as it doesn't work well in low light. It's gone straight back on now so I can at least record the reg plates but I'm looking for another one for the dark commutes. Oh well, Happy New Year all.


I'm desperate to ride but my cough (and the OH) won't let me. Probably for the best that I don't, but having not been on the bike at all since before Christmas, I know it's going to be hard work when I do. I'm pretty sure I've had three different colds in a row - either that or I've had the same one for three weeks.


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Mine's tomorrow morning on my way to work.. temp is set to be about 1 degrees and possibly frosty but with my cycle gear on I am game for it and REALLY can't wait... I've missed getting on MY bike and hated my old HEAVY universal 90s style lump of a bike :sad:


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5 weeks off the bike, around 7lbs heavier, tank bike because of the weather, it was as slow and hard work as I feared.
Hopefully get better over the next few weeks.


Mine was also yesterday, first time in nearly two weeks, was easier than I thought but this morning was tuff going, started a new core workout yesterday too which lasts 30 days so we'll see how tonight goes :training:
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