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There was one of those optimistic weather forecasts this morning, and I was daft enough to ignore the rain and believe the forecast. Maybe I will learn better.

Take the fixed out this morning and aim for the flatter bits of country around here. Difficult to be flatter than a riverside path, travelling downstream, so off to the Armouries I went. Underneath what I had thought was a short shower. Which lasted much more than a short while. Past the start of the Aire and Calder Navigation, crossing the river. Which is crossed again near to a canal lock, Knostrop Lock, maybe?

Then cross the canal, just above Thwaite Mills. Lots of leaf fall along here, and a bit of lack of traction up the sharp rise to the road at Skelton Bridge. Woke me up proper, that did. Managed to pedal all the way to Woodlesford without further excitement though. Onto the road here, head for Swillington and be grateful for the tailwind. Which stayed all the way around the north of Garforth and further on to the gates of Lotherton Hall.

All the way, so far, had been damp. Blue sky visible, but always ‘over there!’ But now, down into Aberford and the sun shines. On me!! Well, and other folk also. Only fair. And on the top of the ridge, on the way to Barwick, two red kite looked like they were enjoying riding the breeze. Or maybe just looking for lunch . . .

Onwards, Scholes is quiet except one lad riding a bike. We had a short chat about the weather before he turned off before the former railway bridge. A bit of A64 to reach Thorner Lane, one that does go to Thorner. But I did not. Skeltons Lane and Red Hall Lane to the A58, and I resisted the temptation of twiddling down Boot Hill. Went for a short excursion around the Ring Road to Park Lane, to pass the posh park gates.

And once going down Roundhay Road the ride is almost over. One more crossing of the Aire, a pedal up through a corner of Hunslet and I am back home. In need of a shower after thirty one rather fun miles, must have been fun, I had a grin on my face.

Flattery and uppery, and annoy the spellchecker . . .




Sunday a smidge after midday the sun put in appearance but then so did the wind, so the ebike and Sainsburys combi once again.

This time through the Country Park which was sodden and far too many walkers about, which also forced a longer than anticipated route to exit onto Penny Pot for the decent down to the climb up Cornwall Road, with a set TTLs beyond the summit of the steep part.

More TTLs came further on after passing through the Pine Woods on the section of Harlow Carr Road which was not part of last years UCU circuit; those TTLs momentarily obscured the strength of the wind but once beyond them the assist got noticeably upped.

Then cut through suburbia to the cycle route along the road that never actually opened only to find that too had a large number of people walking so then stayed on the roads so taking a narrow bridleway avoidance route east across the Leeds Road before turning south to showground hill.

Returned the same way initially before cutting through more suburbia to pick up the normal route to the east of the Town Centre; crossing the open space known as the Stray was very windy with the bike insisting on heading to the other side of the road. 11.11 miles 820ft upwards.
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After some heavy rain first thing it turned into a bright sunny day although windy. I planned on a shorter ride and set off into the wind in a roundabout way towards Burlton soon finding a hedge cutter but turned off just as I caught up with it then coming across the first bit of flooded road,carried on into Burlton over the road to Myddlewood where I turned off to Weston Lullingfields, through to Bagley, Lee , Tetchill, Ellesmere which was busy for a lockdown Sunday morning, up to Stocks and decided to avoid the filthy lane to Welshampton and carry on to Hampton Wood which involves quite a steep hill before getting to Breadon Heath, Bettisfield, Northwood where I turned for home. Getting near the end of the lane home I noticed that would be about 28 miles so did a detour into Whixall to make it over 50km, this unfortunately meant riding into the wind again to get home. 35.13 miles,wet and muddy again- I need to rethink my mudguards. Not as many people about today just a few cyclists, dog walkers and a pony and trap.
View from Weston Lullingfields.


Having been woken by this morning's torrential downpours and strong winds I wasn't expecting to get out for a ride so did a bit of routine maintenance on some of the bikes. Then, early afternoon, the skies cleared and it was quite pleasant despite the breeze, so I popped out for a bit of fresh air. Just a loop out to the eastern part of Ipswich & back via Falkenham, Kirton, Bucklesham, Foxhall & Nacton, but the back roads I used were still soaking wet in places (including completely flooded to about 10cm depth under the Nacton rail bridge) and slippery thanks to the fallen wet leaves. It then tipped it down yet again 15 minutes after I got home.


I had been trying to make up my mind about going out today, as the forecast had been changing, and wasn't all that promising, with wind gusts of up to 30mph expected. When I woke up in the morning I couldn't hear any wind, and it wasn't raining, so got ready and out at 6:20.

Just as I set off the spitting started, but very light, and now I was out I wasn't going back. I had in mind a loop taking in Martley, Malvern and Upton, so headed for town through St Peters. Got a shower and a flag of the wind to come going through town, but by the time I reached Hallow the rain had stopped and the wind was behind me.

I decided to stick to the main roads, as some of the lanes get a bit iffy with run off from the fields, so carried on to Holt Heath, and from there headed to Great Witley. The wind now was to the side, but not too bothersome. At Great Witley took the turn for Martley, with a bit of a climb. Day was breaking now, with quite a nice view of the Severn Valley

The wind gusts were now picking up from time to time, which made for "interesting" riding on the way down to Martley, though I made it there in one piece. At Martley headed back towards Worcester, aiming to head towards Malvern via Broadheath and Bransford. The side wind was now more of an issue, and I could see the next shower coming my way. It hit as I was riding past Elgar's birthplace museum, and though the rain wasn't a lot, the wind was something else. I was hoping to find a bus shelter to wait the shower out, but couldn't find any, so kept riding. The next couple of miles were the most unpleasant riding experience I have ever had. Going towards Bransford there's a downhill bit to the bridge over the Teme where I can reach 25mph without really trying, today I had to drop to the small ring to manage a measly 12mph, at some point I really thought the wind was going to push me back up the hill. At least by now the rain had stopped, but I struggled against the wind all the way to Leigh Sinton, and the shelter of the hedges of Stocks Lane couldn't arrive soon enough.

By the time I reached Newland the wind had relented a bit, but it was still taking some effort to keep a reasonable speed. I wonder how many extra metres of equivalent climb got added by the wind today.

I Stopped for a nut bar at The Rhyd, taking advantage of the now pleasnt sunshine, and while I was there a velomobile came from the direction of Malvern and turned towards Callow End.

Final bit against the wind now to Upton, and then finally some help on the way home. My legs needed another rest by the time I got to the top of Kinnersley Bank, and decided to take a couple of photos of the Severn Stoke Folly


Can't believe that just 45 minutes earlier I was battling a hurricane :laugh:.

I made it home without further incident, and about 15 minutes later another squall went past, but I was now inside :tongue:.

The map


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The past few weeks I have, for various reasons, found it hard to get out much on the bike. Either I had the inclination but had other things to do, or I had not much to do and time enough, and no inclination at all.
So the solution was, I decided, to get up and go out early mornings. I quite often wake early so taking time out then pretty much does not affect the rest of the day.
Stuff all laid out last night with the intention of getting out around 6am or so. The small hours roll around and I wake before the alarm. Attend to ablutions etc. Get my gear on and out I go. Warm, for a November night, breezy and not raining although the roads were damp. I covered the usual roads out towards Bramhope and up towards the airport when it dawned on me that in the past 10 miles I had seen only 2 cars. Even at the airport there was very little traffic.
A left at Bayton Lane around the back of the airport took me eventually down into Horsforth and the Station where I climbed up to Otley Old Road and then back down Green Lane and another climb up Tinshill Road to Cookridge Tower. From there it was down to Weetwood, across the ring road at Lawnswood and home via Shaw Lane, Potternewton Lane and Harehills.
Having been out almost a couple of hours I got in at.................5.30am :wacko: I must have gone out at 3.30 ish. :eek:
I really should pay attention.
So a swift shower and back in bed to be woken up with a cup of tea by Mrs Colly at just after 9.:okay: Things worked out well after all.

23.7 miles and about 1700ft. Plotted rather than recorded.
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Over the Hill
Pete M rolled up at the Pot. It was to be a bit of a mystery ride for him at times as his fishing lake plan would be a bit far at this time of year. We took our outward leg to Pinvin by Wadborough. Then at Bishampton we took the Abberton lane for some confusion before taking the main road crossing beyond Kington. Earl's Common lead us to Himbleton where we discovered a lovely wee church for our lunch stop. Onward it was back onto familiar lanes for Pete as we took the traditional run back to Drakes Broughton. For a change we dodged around the Strensham flyover to go by Baughton and Hill Croome. Nice outing with some underused lanes at the northern end. 62 smiles


Headed out yesterday as the rain had finally stopped and er wow without exception every main road was flooded, so i headed back and grabbed the MTB, straight out on to my local byways but all of them deeply under water and most not rideable even on a MTB :eek:

I managed about 10 miles in total at snails pace so just binned it off and came home, I'm at a loss as to why flooding has become a thing in my home village now when its never been the case in the past 13 years. I do mean flooding as well not big puddles, cars disappearing under a bow wave with several stranded in the middle of the road.
nearly 48 hours and my mud covered sidi's are still wettish i'm not even sure if i'll wash my castelli overshoes or just throw them away they're that bad


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The wind had died down a bit this morning and it was a nice morning to get out. After the usual wait for the school run traffic to go I set off towards Loppington taking the detour to Nonely before arriving back in Loppington, over the crossroads to Brown Heath, English Frankton where I turned up towards Pikesend, taking the lane past the woods to Lyneal passing Colemere by the car park which was busy again, following the lane round Colemere then turning to Newton, onto the main road to Welshampton, turn by the church back to Lyneal, Hampton Bank, Bettisfield, Northwood taking the longer way home. Hardly any people out this morning but plenty of mud, puddles and mushed up leaves on the roads. 20.69miles. Pictures of Colemere, Newton Mere and Kettle Mere.




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I needed to post a package today. I was sending it via Hermes, who have a drop off locker outside Morrisons in Market Drayton. The weather looked OK when I set off, but there were threatening clouds. I slogged up the hill above Norton in Hales and enjoyed the long downhill run into the village. Most of the mud had washed off the road, but there were still some big puddles. When I got to Morrisons I opened my rucksack only to find the parcel wasn't there! I remembered I had taken it out just before I set off to collect something from the bottom of my rucksack. I had obviously forgotten to put it back in. Not a disaster as it's an excuse for another ride today.

I stopped off to buy a sandwich and Mr Kipling's slices intending to eat my lunch by the pond at Moreton Say. However, it began to drizzle as I left Market Drayton and it became heavier as I approached Moreton Say. Plan two was to stop in the bus shelter at Ightfield, but by the time I got there, I was soaked and decided to carry on to home. It was after 3:00pm when I got back and I was starving, so I ate my sandwich and Mr Kipling's slices before getting changed.

Old jon

Grey this morning, some breeze, but dry. When I finally went outdoors it was warm too. For November that is. It was about time to take the Spa out, I had thought about a route, so off I went.

Ride to the clock at Oakwood, and on the way change my mind about where to ride. So aim for Slaid Hill because I do like riding along Wike Ridge Lane. Through East Keswick, the Potts clock in the house wall is working again. Might be that it never stopped working, OK, so it is now telling the correct time. Ish.

A bit of A659 follows, turn off to Linton and as I approached the bridge there was a car behind me. Waved it past, nope, just stuck there. Cross the bridge (over the river Wharfe), up that sharp rise and past the pub. Still there. I was just about to pull in and saw the right turn indicator was on and the car turned off. One very patient car driver . . .

Ride around the northern edge of Wetherby and up to Wattle Syke’s roundabouts. Round the small one to West Woods Road, which was also where the wind became a bother. It is a bit open along there, all the way to Bramham. There was this temptation, though. I could have ridden down Wattle Syke to Collingham. Then ride up Jewitt Lane. Not quite in the mood today, but next time.

So it was Bramham to Thorner, playing games with the gears. The Spa has ten under 40 inch, the Bob Jackson only 3, 18 opposed to 14 at 60 inch or under, sixty two on the fixed as a reference, sort of thing. Anyway, messing with the sprockets while riding along the road to Thorner added something or another to that part of the journey.

Reach the village, it was always (?) going to be Sandhills on the way out, and it was a bit of a slog, though eventually over. Turn right to reach the A58, wheeee! all the way down that hill and it is only just across the Aire and I am home. Thirty five miles decorated with tab-end-of-autumn scenery gave me a smile that even twelve feet short of 2000 feet did not dent. Proper ride.

Been seen before, but I forgot to use the video camera. Ah well.




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Another day. another ride.
After an early up and trip to the tip (booked days in advance now) I did the usual buggering about for a bit and also made a loaf of bread. Which turned out better than most I make. In fact I think it's the best yet:

So I was on the bike and out the door for about 11.30. My Garmin has gone walkabout yet again so the route has had to be plotted.
A 2 mile loop near home and then it was up the quiet A58 to Wetherby and then on to Walshford. I carried on, crossed the A1M and took the A168 going north still and eventually turned off for Knaresborough on the A59. That was a mistake. Up to this point the roads had all be quiet despite being A roads. The A59, once I was on it, was horrible traffic wise. To be fair cars, vans, and lorries all gave me a nice wide pass so no worries on that score.
Travelling north the wind was more or less behind me and to my left. Once going west though the wind made itself felt. It was a slog . When I turned at Knaresborough to go south again it was like riding into a wall. The journey back south was hard work. Very hard. Down to Wetherby, back on the A58 again for a mile or so and a turn up Jewitt Lane gave me a break from the headwind. True it's a climb to make you work hard but with a hill at least you do know it will finish at some stage.
Into the wind to get to Thorner and Bramley Grange and west into even more wind to get to the A58 and down Wellingotn Hill to Oakwood and home.

The plotted route tells me it was 40.1 miles and something like 1850 ft of up. I got in and checked my stopwatch on my phone and it told me I had been riding for just under 2hrs 30mins which is a good time for me. I was well lathered up. That was hard work.
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