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23.5 miles around my local loop today , hard going all the way around as it was reading -1 c for most of the ride so i wasn't setting any records but at least i got out there
Gears were not indexing perfectly as i had changed from the turbo wheel and hadnt got the barrel adjuster spot on, stopped 3 times but it still isnt perfect as one gear seems not want to index right compared to all the others .

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Since becoming a dog owner again I’ve not had much opportunity to ride .
a window opened today.... so a ride around the Warren was in order. Just short of 10 miles, cold but beautiful.











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Got out this afternoon for a bit - just about 20 miles - mostly OK just tracks were icy in places but broken up so not a problem

did discover that using the rear brake while going round a corner was 'exciting' - wheel locked with minimal braking, then decides a sideways vector was better than following the front wheel
Quite pleased I caught it without even putting my foot down!
only to be expected with road type hybrid tyres - no grip on slippy roads!


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After some very cold commuting rides this week it was good to see some sun today. The roads looked clear of ice so I started off to Horton, Loppington, thinking the usual mud should have dried up I took the lane through Commonwood to find lots of mud, onto Nonely, Myddle, Burlton, English Frankton, Lyneal turning onto the lane round Colemere which was busy with walkers again by the mere itself, into Lyneal, Northwood and home. Still cold at 3 degrees especially in the woods but it was a lovely sunny day to be out. 22.6 miles.




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After the rain, wind, cloud & cold weather of this week's commuting, there was no way I was going to pass up a ride in the sunshine, so I biked up to the local Next in Martlesham to pick up some items delivered to the store. Obviously I took the long route via Falkenham, Kirton, Newbourne & Waldingfield to get there and then the long route home via Kesgrave, Warren Heath & Bucklesham to make it a 2nd 50km ride of the year.

Very little wind and, as can be seen from @Jon George 's picture on the previous page from just a few miles south of where I was, it was a beautiful afternoon. Unfortunately, with the shop only being open for collections/returns from one door, I hadn't anticipated the length of the queue and how long it took to get sorted. This meant that the sun was setting as I set off for home and the temperature quickly dropped so that by the time I got home I could hardly feel my toes and really wished that I'd worn thermals under the leggings.
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A short 10 miles this morning with Mrs SnG, who despite the -0 degrees temperature really enjoyed the morning.
She turbocharged part of the return journey to give me a raised heart rate... 😀 so a not bad start to the year for use, 2 rides over successive Sundays seems to indicate a good year for cycling.

I have a plan for a longer, 50k cycle in the next 2 weeks, up onto the downs, and a wide loop back, but would like the temperature to get close to 10 degrees for this as I’m definitely beginning to feel the cold.
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had a dumb fall yesterday. really minor but really stupid on my part. didn't pay enough attention at one point. was on dry pavement but due to the cold their was a berm of ice left behind by a snow plow. I rode into it parallel to it. the result was similar to a boat going parallel to a wave instead of directly toward & over it

the rest of the ride had lots of snow & ice sprinkled about the other frozen mud & dry pine needles

a cpl saw me go down & asked if I was OK, which was nice of them. thanked them & told them "I wasn't looking where I was going" I suppose one must do that eh?

cycling pants will need mending (but my separate fleece liners remained intact)

minor damage

harmless soft pine needles

I suppose it's time for the MTB to join the hybrid w/ studs. 2 years ago I put them on too soon, so I joked that last year I would wait for a fall to put them on. & that's exactly what happened. this year too

no one fishing today
ACTP0758 Stitch.jpg

the WTB Riddlers are quite good for my purposes. I fell last year on glare ice, but I had no intention of riding over any. a thin layer of crusty snow is just harmless fun

lot's of ice mixed in w/ the gravel. no slipping, sliding or falling (just on the dry pavement!)

this one came down a month ago. looks like someone is working on it

new trees down, busy beaver!


all-in-all, a good cpl hours out in the cold. even did my nemesis hill, twice back to back, complete w/ the pushups at the firefighter academy station
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Decided to stay local today .Checking out a local loop to possiblely enable me to do loops and clock up some bigger miles . Planned a route keeping me away from civilization as possible . Anstey skirted round the edge of Cropston . Headed out around the back off Bradgate park which was busy with people driving there for their exercise . In to the empty countryside up Charley rd went left at the crossroads up to Copt Oak and down through Markfield and Newtown Linford which was again busy as it's the main entrance to Bradgate park and home ,16.3 miles done at 16.1mph so just over an hour but it's was an hard effort due to the 1160ft of upness with no big climbs just constant up and down . Could I do this loop 8 times to complete an imperial ton while staying local ?. Physical probably mentally not sure
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Out for a steady 30 miles today around the local area. Went over Hutton Roof and around Farleton Fell. after a week of ice the weather had changed to drizzle which in my book is a big improvement. Just a few sections where mud on the roads was still frozen. Stopped for a flask and last of the Christmas cake, relieved not to see blue lights everywhere when the flask came out! Picture is of the fell from a bridge over the northern reaches of Lancaster canal.

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I finally dragged myself out for my first ride of the year today. My mojo had been strangely lacking to the point where I'd missed a couple of really good opportunities since the big thaw in this part of Gloucestershire. I hadn't been out since before Christmas, so my tyres needed pumping up a bit. About a minute down the road I realised that my rear brake was hardly doing anything, so I took it steady and hit the front brake early before any and all corners and down slopes. Minor adjustments just wouldn't do it, so I have a job for tomorrow.

The lanes were full of walkers today, just as they were during Lockdown 1. Quite a few cyclists were out too, including Gordon from the cycling club, who I came across a couple of times. It took me about 20 mins to get all my layers on for this ride, and 10 more to tyre lever it all back off again afterwards. In between, I had a great 30 mile pootle down the lanes to Arlingham and Frampton and back. No photos, as they'd be exactly the same as half of my photos from last year! Great to get out there, though, and apart from slight saddle soreness at the end of the ride, it was as if I'd never taken a break over Christmas at all. I love it when the bike just feels like an extension of your body. A lovely invigorating ride. Mojo well and truly restored.


Out for my first Lockdown 3 ride, keeping it to what my personal decision is, in regards to being somewhere near “local”, on a bike.

Headed out through Betton Abbots and caught up with a family of 4 out for a ride, going slower than me. But not a good road to be overtaking on, so I was content to keep my distance behind them. I went as far as King St crossroads and then down the lanes to Berrington, Eaton Mascott and Cound.

Surpising amount of ice still about, mostly near the verges and so didn’t cause me any issues. Lots of people out walking on the lanes, which I’ve not seen since the first Lockdown, all pleasant and happy to be out.

From Cound I continued on to Evenwood, where the descent into the hamlet was dicey, with ice across the road, but steady as you go meant I made it through still upright.

Next was Acton Burnell and onto Frodesley, then Longnor, where I finally turned out of the biting and stronger than expected cold wind, on the muddy lane to Ryton. Waited an age to cross the A49, then called in at Dad’s for a chat, before heading home via Annscroft, Hook a Gate and Meole Brace.

24.04 miles at a wind slowed 11.2mph avg, but never more than about 7 or 8 miles from home.

Saw a few cyclists and more walkers, but sadly also loads of traffic about. When will people get the message?:thumbsdown:
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Another sunny morning with no frost overnight and another close to home route. Off to Whixall passing a few dog walking neighbours on the way, up to Fenns Wood, Fenns Bank across to Alkington taking a particularly muddy lane to Tilstock, dodge the potholes and turn back to Whixall, Coton, Coton Wood, back onto the main road before turning to Prees, taking a lane which had the only floods of the ride both with a layer of ice. The first one was easy enough to get through, it was quite shallow and the ice was only thin, the second one was much deeper and the ice was thicker and didn’t break as easily and I unceremoniously ground to a stop! Managed to only get one wet foot and got past on the grass verge which with hindsight was probably the better option. Carried on back to the main road to Edstaston, Ryebank, Horton, Loppington, Lyneal, Northwood and home. Lots of cyclists out today. 32.4 miles and as the weather has warmed up a bit washed the mud off the bike.
Picture is supposed to be of the snow on the hills in the distance.

Mr Celine

Sunday's ride. I hadn't ventured out on Saturday as it was -8C at 9:00 and still cold at sundown. Sunday was a balmy 4C when I set out for a 34 mile loop. One proper climb over the Woll. As I ascended it became foggy, probably due to the snow in the surrounding fields rapidly cooling the air. The road has not been gritted or ploughed and towards the top became two strips of tarmac, no problems as they were continuous.

Looking back the way I'd come -

The summit cattle grid -


Unfortunately the snow must have been deeper on the south side of the hill and the tarmac was a bit intermittent, which led to a rather sketchy and slow descent.

33.5 miles @ 13.1 mph. 660m up.


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Followed up yesterday's first ride of the year with another 22 mile pootle today. Took in every little detour dead end lane I could find. At the end of one of them I was glowered at by a driver and watched carefully from behind a twitching curtain by a resident. I turned around by a "No fishing. No shooting" sign, feeling as welcome as a cough in a lift.

My next detour was up a mile-long lane leading from the A38 to an equestrian centre positioned between a busy roundabout and a motorway junction, so I turned around again and retraced my route. Fascinating views of the goings on in the Danter's Funfare over-wintering site, where some of the rides were being serviced and tested out. Took another lane to Standish, exploring the bit between the A38 and the M5, before heading home via Whitminster, the canal bridge at Saul Junction and the banks of the Severn at Epney. For the second time in two days I heard the rat-a-tat-tat of an industrious little woodpecker between Epney and Longney. Not much other wildlife to be seen, but plenty of shotguns being discharged. A windier day than yesterday, but another enjoyable ride. I'm up and running now.
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