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Clinging on tightly
Over the Hill
A tad warmer today but a goodly breeze blowing. The lanes helped on the way south by Redmarley and I got a bit of assistance along the Hams after Ashleworth heading homeward. Some good numbers of wildfowl on the floods. Hedgecutters out in force today and more riders around than normal for the time of year. 47 smiles

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I took the chance to get out this morning while I could. A local loop taking me up Lyth Hill to Great Lyth, down to Annscroft, round the base of the hill to Stapleton and Ryton then round the loop to Longnor, Acton Burnell, Cantlop, Condover and a return pass of Lyth Hill via Little Lyth.

Overnight rain hadn't long cleared out of the way so it was a bit grey and gloomy at the start with a chilly wind. Fortunately that was at my back, making the first few miles fairly easy. There were people out exercising on the hill but not as many as I've seen lately - not sure if that's the weather or people afraid of getting fined. While looking at the view the sound of a dog shrieking started behind me and I wondered what on earth the trouble was; it turned out to be a springer spaniel getting very overexcited at the prospect of her walk.:laugh:

Dropping down to Annscroft the road was quieter than of late and few vehicles passed me on the way to Stapleton. The ones there were were mostly delivery vans of varying politeness. I had a clear crossing of the A49 and mostly empty lanes to Ryton and Longnor where I turned back towards the wind and found my progress slowed a little. It stayed fairly quiet to Acton Burnell, Pitchford and Cantlop. Pausing for a couple of tractor coming the other way there was also the first cyclist I'd seen this trip.

Climbing Lyth Hill for the second time a van came up behind but the misery of a driver wouldn't even look at me let alone thank me for pulling over to allow him past.:rolleyes:

A couple more cyclists seen as I descended the hill and one more when I was practically home.

22.2 miles this trip at 12.6 mph average. Not surprised to see that the government still can't decide what local means, so I shall do similar rides to the first lockdown and not feel guilty about it.


Just the one snapshot this time from the top of Lyth Hill. Rather overcast as you see, it did brighten up a bit later on though.


Met up with Doug for a socially distanced ride, after finishing working. A very cold evening, but not much wind and dry at least.

We set off from the estate entrance and out onto the very busy A458, where we almost saw a big collision. 2 cars hurtled past us and the one in front then broke very late for the Betton turn, with the one behind almost slamming into the back of him, hand leaning on horn. Moron’s.

We then took the Betton road, ourselves, before branching off onto the lanes to Berrington and Cross Houses. Another short section on the heaving A458, before the nice descent to Atcham, more busy roads to Berwick Wharf and Upton Magna.

Thankfully the road to Uffington was finally a quiet one and we then joined the old canal path to Pimley, seeing 3 mountain bikers heading, presumably, to Haughmond Hill for a blast.

We then joined the estate roads, alongside Sundorne Rd, before using the cycle paths down to Reabrook and Meole Brace, where we parted ways. Still loads of traffic about on the town roads:wacko:

15.73 miles and nice to escape the 4 walls, for a short while.

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Since becoming a dog owner again I’ve not had much opportunity to ride .
a window opened today.... so a ride around the Warren was in order. Just short of 10 miles, cold but beautiful.

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Lovely photos, is that the Great Mew Stone over in the distance?

twentysix by twentyfive

Clinging on tightly
Over the Hill
Early rain seemed to be over by the time John B and I met up. Today's route was John's choice. We took to standard lanes through to Pendock then the lovely run by Hethelpit Cross to Blackwells End. We dodged across to Ashleworth for the run along the Hams. John jinked us differently by Welland Stone for the run back. I added a bit to Guarlford for some seeds from the nursery. All good and nice to see a friendly face this lockdown. 44 smiles
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I managed to get a short 30 minute cycle in in my lunch (half) hour, part way along the Promenade for 6and a half miles, which although minimal, was great for my mental health, despite the gentle rain shower.
For those of you with a fitness watch, like Apple means I’ve closed my rings today, making the 4th day in a row that I have done this. The last time I managed to close rings for 4 d ays (actually this was 5 days) was in July 2019.
Hopefully, this means a better start for me, and I can reflect back on an improving year of cycling as we get into the summer!
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@rockyroller yes, I agree, I knew it was going to happen, just got togged ready, and it was great. I would’ve gone a little farther or divert around the direct return route if I’d have had time, but working from home to me doesn’t mean taking advantage.
The afternoon work went really quickly, and being out on the bike is always better than being in!
I did consider buying a roller for using in the garage, but I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as moving.
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