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On the way to work this morning...

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On the way back a couple of hours later. I needed to pick up something from a customer in the next village, which I happen to live in, and the quickest way there was on the traffic-free agricultural roads.

Sometimes I'm amazed that I get to do this: I am slowly getting used to being in a region where people go on holiday, and ride a bike here every day, but being paid to do it is a nice extra...
Looks awful


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Its amazing the beautiful Kent countryside easy accessible from SE London by bike.
Left home early this morning in sunny but chilly temperatures. Even though it did warm up quite quickly, that pesky wind was also rather chilly.
So, 104 miles for the day. Imperial century #6 for the year. #294 over all.





Had an ‘away day’ cancelled so profited from the diary gap this morning. Rode up to the Kent estuary at Sandside then along to Arnside and its excellent bakery. Cool but got home before the rain - remember that! 38 miles and 650m of climbing.
picture is from a tiny road above Sandside that I’ve never ridden before. Original plan was changed as road across Dallam Park was closed.


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Today I went looking for some local gravel tracks. I went to Esher Common and Oxshot Woods, just meandering around and came upon Black Pond. We used to cycle here in the mid-late '70s in the summer to swim, the first time I've been here since.
One thing I realised today, we definitely came by the long route, or was it just our little legs!
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I desperately need to cycle somewhere this flat, so I can tell if I'm just terminally slow or terminally weedy...
I love riding this flat route but if it’s windy it can be brutal!

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My Brother has bought himself a new bike, but he’s not really cycled much since I dragged him out for a few rides about 10 years ago, so @Rickshaw Phil and I cycled over to his place, today, to put the bike together and head out for a short test ride.

Phil and I set off at 10am, into the lovely sunshine, but a stiff easterly wind was blowing and that made it quite cool to start off with, as we were heading into it for a good proportion of the the ride over.

We headed out to Betton Abbots, Berrington, Cross Houses and Atcham, where we joined the main road to Attingham and then turned off towards Wroxeter, being pleasantly surprised to see they have finally (after about 3 years of emails to the council) completely resurfaced one of the worst “B” roads you will ever have seen. It got to the point that you had to drive on the wrong side of the road, to avoid the craters and channels, never mind how bad it was for cycling.

We paused at Wroxeter for some photos
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We took the loop around the NCN route, which I’ve not been down in probably 18 months, before climbing up and along to Eaton Constantine, then down to Garmston, on some new territory for me. We got overtaken at speed by a chap on a very nice aero bike, climbing up at Eaton and then again when descending to Leighton.

We joined the main road again there and it’s a pull out of the village. Good to see the pub being renovated, ready to re-open under the ownership of a village syndicate. There is a nice descent down to Buildwas, with good views over the river Severn, where we came across signs saying The Wharfage, in Ironbridge, was closed to traffic, but we headed that way anyway, hoping we could at least walk the bike through.

It was a very different landscape, heading to Ironbridge, with the bulk of the power station having been blown up and we arrived at The Wharfage to find signs saying cyclists dismount and use the foot way. Said path was busy with people enjoying the sun and so we walked the bikes along the traffic free road. I’m not really sure why there is a need to do so, with just a few obstacles where they are surveying to decide if they can install permanent flood barriers and plenty of room.

We paused to take a photo of the bridge and a lady cheerily remarked at Phil taking a picture of his bike, rather than the bridge. He was actually taking a picture of both :laugh:
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We walked the bikes over the bridge and then joined the road towards Jackfield, where some proper climbing would start. We had to wait at the hairpin bend, for a Warburton’s lorry to make an absolute pigs ear of negotiating it. He was up on the kerb, had to stop and reverse and have another go at it, which wasn’t much better, when, if he’d taken a wider route, he would have got round in one:wacko:

We climbed up to Broseley and decided to go up Dark Lane, which is properly steep with a gradient arrow. Just as we turned up there, 2 chaps on bikes jokingly shouted “you don’t want to go up there” ^_^ It is a proper pull and then a descent down to my Brothers house.

Dad joined us and we had lunch in the garden, before putting the new Holdsworth bike together. It’s very smart and pretty light with the carbon material. We then set out for a test ride, heading down to Coalport, which was into the wind, but a steep descent made a little tricky by recent surface dressing, meaning loose chippings. I crossed Coalport bridge, a little ahead of Ade and Phil, so paused to take a shot of them crossing the bridge
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We had a short section on the off road Silkin Way path, before rejoining the very busy road along Coalport High St, back towards the bottom end of Ironbridge. We then climbed back up to Broseley, the second time Phil and I had climbed up there today, but didn’t do Dark Lane again. This meant we had to negotiate the traffic lights on the steep climb and none of us could get through in time, before the lights changed at the other end. We arrived back at Ade’s and he seemed to have enjoyed the 6 mile loop, getting used to the bike, so hopefully he will get lots of use out of it and join us on more rides.

Phil and I then set out back home, via a different route. We firstly took the steep climb up to Benthall, then joining the normally quiet lane through Wyke, to Farley, but we met quite a few cars today. Upon reaching Farley there appeared to be a dog show on and so I’m guessing the traffic was from there.

We were then out onto the main road to Much Wenlock, which is yet another steep pull, before we joined more new territory for me, to the brilliantly named Homer and WigWig! It’s a steep descent, most of the way down, but then a climb back up towards Harley, where we crossed the A458 and headed for Harnage Grange, then Cound, pausing for a view to the Wrekin.
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From Cound it was hard going up the climbs to Eaton Mascott and Berrington, on tired legs, before retracing our initial steps through Betton and back to mine.

A thoroughly enjoyable day in the sunshine, which warmed up nicely in the afternoon, with 41.82 miles (my first 40 miler of the year) and 2966ft of climbing, meaning a slow 10.5mph avg speed
Taking my time catching up with CC again. I can't really add much to Gav's report on this one other than to say it was a nice day out on the bike and I think Ade's choice of bike is a good one. I hope he'll enjoy it and rack up plenty of miles.

My tally for the day was 45.6 miles with 10.6 mph average at the end of it.


Drink stop at Longwood near Eaton Constantine.


The photo that got the comments from passers by.:laugh:


The road to the beach at Wigwig. I got caught out by the sand that had been washed out of the fields, which brought me to an abrupt halt.


Another drink stop en-route to Harnage.


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I took one look out of the window and saw it was tanking down. 25 minutes before I was due to show up for a ride with @Dark46 and our mutual friend, Claire. If I hadn't agreed to meet up with them, there wasn't a cat in hell's chance that I was going out in that. A quick phone call confirmed it was still on, so out I went, rigged out in waterproofs and shoe covers.

As always seems to happen, as soon as I was wet, the rain didn't matter any more, and we actually had a great little social spin, totalling about 23 miles through the usual Severnside villages. It never quite stopped raining, but that never actually mattered. Here's a damp looking selfie by @Dark46, (taken on the waterfront at Epney) to cheer you up:

Great fun splashing in puddles. A pleasant change from getting sun burnt on my last two rides and good company as always.

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There’s an encouraging amount of blue sky outdoors again, and a bit of breeze too. I was going to wear my lighter jacket, but taking the Jacko out of the shed was a cold task. Stick to winter weight jacket. And go.

Towards Slaid Hill to start with. This still involves wandering around Holbeck, and then deciding which uphill way to go there. All of which involve crossing the river, ‘cos I live south of that, and Slaid Hill is about as far north as Leeds reaches. From there, a short ride to Wike, turn left onto Forge Lane and ride to the A61. A right turn there and Harewood is next. And the next left after the bus stop leads to the bridleway down through the deer park to the A659. Quiet on the bridleway this morning.

Back to the A61 to cross the River Wharfe and ride up the road to the right turn for Kirkby Overblow. According to the map this is Swindon Lane. According to me this morning, this is where I first felt the wind. It had been in my face so far, I might have been riding one or two gears lower than usual. Become used to it, I suppose. But now it is a side wind, not too strong but keeping to a line was less easy. The closer to Kirkby Overblow, the more south pointing the road was, more of a tailwind soon. With that help, the road to Sicklinghall via Kearby with Netherby was a load of fun.

As was the road after Sicklinghall. This rises and falls a bit, and was quiet this morning as indeed all the ride was. The end of Northgate Lane is soon reached, turn right onto that to ride into Linton, looking good this morning.

The bridge at the end of the video is over the Wharfe. Collingham next and a bit of zig-zagging to reach School Lane. Along there to the bottom of Jewitt Lane. Up we go! I reckon that tailwind was helping a lot there. Some of the views from up here can be great, but this morning there were a lot of rainclouds travelling to somewhere else. Dry for me, but not for some. Through East Rigton, don’t blink, and along to Milner Lane, today all the way into Thorner. Almost forgot to turn right up Carr Lane.

Straight over the A58, down the dip and then up Shadwell Main Street. Keep on and Slaid Hill is reached, for the second time today. There is an advantage to six or seven miles of uphill at the start of a ride. The return has the same mileage downhill, of course. That, and the start of the first shower of the morning as I was putting Bob back in his shed, is a good reason for the grin on my mug. Two and a half thousand feet going up, and forty miles of riding too, made the grin wider.

Gar doing its thing . . .


Well, this turned into a very short ride indeed...
It was cold, very cold. Then, at three and a half miles, a small mechanical, a brake block came loose. Odd, they are one thing that's checked often. Whatever, in the few minutes it took to stop and fix it, I were bloomin' froze. So I made a vague attempt to reach five miles ridden (failed), and went home for a much-needed cup of tea.

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