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A ride yesterday evening, after work (actually being in the office for only the second time in 13 months!). I’d arranged to meet my mate Paul.

I set off in cool sunshine, with a keen North Easterly breeze, and some big black clouds looming to the south, which of course was the way we were going!

I met Paul at a local school and we then set off down the busy main road to Hook a Gate and Annscroft, where we turned into the wind and could see sheets of rain falling ahead……We went through Exfords Green and a car approached the junction from Hunger Hill direction, looked to the left and promptly pulled out directly in front of us, forcing us both to perform an emergency stop. She literally didn’t even look right and got some choice words off both of us. Closest I’ve been to ending up in the side of a car for a long while.

At Stapleton we ran into the first spots of rain, which, by the time we’d got to Gonsal, had turned into hailstones! Those things hurt. We paused at the Ryton junction, for me to don a waterproof, Paul hadn’t packed one and continued on towards Condover in a mixture of hail and heavy rain.

Moron number 2 was encountered by the narrow bridge into the village, as we had the temerity to go over the bridge (how dare we) with the Audiot screaming up behind us, reviving his engine and then storming past with wheelspin, despite us signalling to turn right, prat.

The rain stopped as we travelled along Lyons Lane and the sun came out, which started to dry us off as we headed through Betton Abbots and parted ways near my estate.

Good to have a chat to Paul and despite the weather an enjoyable 15.06 miles at 11.7mph avg


I have got behind with these ,so a bit of a catch up with my time spent a wheel.
Wednesay saw an easy ride along the river path through Derby .Then across the Trent valley to Burton ,all very easy going .Down to Tutbury passing the coffee machine!!

Back to Derby via Sutton on a much ridden route .
Thursday a usual run to Uttoxeter returning home via Rocester and then following the line of the Roman road {Long Lane } for the most part back to Derby

Out again in the evening on a chilly hilly one with mates . Starting from the village of Turnditch

Down to Windley and the river Ecclesborne ,then the long climb through Hazelwood,Shottle and topping out at Alport Heights at just over 1,000 feet asl

The remains of the day from Alport Heights .
Alport heights is part of the National Trust estate and on a clear day the views are wonderful . The distant Shropshire hills can be seen including the Wrekin,the Long Mynd & and the Clee hills . Some say that with binoculars Boston Stump {Lincolnshire} can also be seen ? Due to cloud and the day ending the view had lost some of its magic and it was dam cold!!
Lights on,for the descent back down to the Ecclesbourne valley . Finally back up to Cross o' th' hands and to the Tiger for a well earned pint.
Total climbing according to our ride techie was 1500 f in 13 miles .
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Yesterday was sunny but still felt cold in the breeze. I decided to vary my route into Wem by cycling into Prees on the outward leg and then following NCN45 towards Shrewsbury. I turned back onto my normal route at Darliston. I thought that this variation would be a bit shorter than my usual route, but it turned out to be about 2km longer! However, the NCN route was more picturesque, so I'll be using it in the future.

On my way into the centre of Wem, I was almost turned into roadkill by a BT van driver parked at the side of the road who wanted to pull out just as I was passing him and a car approaching from the opposite direction made it impossible to swerve out into the road. Luckily a sharp yell caused him to stop. I called in at the Coop to buy something for lunch. Their meal deals for three items make buying only two things more expensive than buying a third item you didn't really want. I have a fridge full of orange juice that will probably go off before I get round to drinking them. I ended up buying a tin of Costa coffee, which was very palatable when heated up at home. Now I know what I need to buy in future.

I made my way back through Whixall and Prees stopping off at my usual spot in the church to eat lunch. The large copper beech in the churchyard has now come into leaf and was well worth a photo. I made my way home via Millenheath and Ightfield, where I enjoyed my can of Costa coffee.


A close shave



Out early to get my May Half Century Challenge ride bagged on the 1st of the month. The Carbon came out of hibernation, for its first ride of the year, with new tyres that I’d fitted earlier in the week.

I had to check it was the 1st May and not December, with the temperature being 2 degrees C and freezing cold :cold:. Will we ever get any warmer weather?

Set out through the nearby estate and then onto Betton Abbots, Berrington and Cross Houses. It took a while for my brain to compute that I was on a different bike, with continual attempts to use the brake to change gear :rolleyes: but soon got to grips with it again and it always feels great getting back on the lighter bike. Tyres roll nice and smoothly as well, just need to sort the gears, as they weren’t the smoothest at times.

I continued on to Atcham, where I had 2 close passes on the bridge and then to Berwick Wharf, where a complete moron in an Orange (why?!) Ford Focus came storming past doing what must have been 70 to 80mph in the 40mph zone, just as I was about to turn right, going around the sharp bend, half on the wrong side of the road with his tyres squealing. Idiot.

Thankfully the lanes to Upton Magna, Withington and Isombridge were much quieter. The bone shaker road, to Longden on Tern, doesn’t get any smoother and I was quite glad to get onto smoother roads to Rodington, then Roden, the lane between the 2 places being strangely busy.

The short section on the main road was ok and then it was back onto lanes to Poynton and Bings Heath, before climbing up Ebury Hill and then the descent on the appalling road surface, that risks shaking every filling out of your teeth!

I then climbed up East Haughmond, before the fast descent to Upton Magna again, then to Uffington, where I joined the old canal path to Sundorne, not seeing a single person walking, which was rare.

Sundorne Rd was then heaving with traffic, a lot of it heading to the vaccination centre, which is good to see, but I was glad to get onto the cycle paths to Monkmoor and Reabrook, where I looped through the suburb, then slalomed my way along the old railway path, where most people were walking in the wrong lane of the shared path :wacko:

I arrived home with 33.75 miles on the clock, at 13.3mph avg speed


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Another chilly spring day, but at least the sun was about to offer a bit of warmth. I was soon out into the countryside and riding the lanes that weave between the fields, signs of spring are everywhere.


After a few kilometres I'm into the first section of forest and the air is alive with the sound of birdsong, after the silence of winter it's great to hear the forest coming back to life. It's not really rained here for a while so the trails are dry and dusty.


I'm soon heading back out and linking up paths between the fields of freshly sown crops, then a beep of the garmin turns me back into the embrace of the forest. Despite being a public holiday here today, the trails are still free of people and I have the forest to myself.



Several kilometres of forest trails follow as paths intertwine and link together all the while I'm heading North West. The paths eventually bring me out into the open and I ride past a small farm and down to the river, where the Rusty knight awaits.



From here I start on the old postal road, a gravel road leading back into the forest and back towards home. The compacted gravel is smooth and relatively straight andI'm riding at over 30km an hour under a canopy of pine. The kilometres fly by until a series of turnings onto increasingly smaller and narrower trails bring me out onto the crest of a small rise and the start of my favourite section.


A small trail, leading down through the trees is the beginnings of some of the finest single track in the immediate area. Twisting and turning around the trees, the trail is narrow and fast, occasional tree routes keep me alert. All too soon it's over, as we cross a small town before heading out onto more single track for the last couple of kilometres home.

Overall a very enjoyable 39km loop on some great trails and a good way to start the weekend.



Took a wee tour round Glasgow today and stopped outside all the fire stations I was based at May 81 until May 2011



There's a few more, but you've got the idea.

Started at the North West , just off Queen Margaret Drive and finished at Knightswood.

Best looking building is definitely the old Central on Ingram street.
The appliance room is now a restaurant.

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Near Newmarket
A ride to the barbers in Burwell for my first haircut since November :ohmy:, followed by a 17 mile saunter around my usual haunts.

Burwell Lode from the bridge.

And looking the other way.


National Cycle route 11. Only in Britain!

More water at Reach Lode. I’d hoped to see/hear cuckoos here today. They love Reed and sedge warbler nests in those reeds. But nothing yet- won’t be long now hopefully.

Stopped for a brew from the flask at my favourite remote hidey hole on the fen. A lovely sunny spot with trees behind to give shelter from the north wind. Almost felt like spring! (The orange bag is full of litter picked on my ride- I really hate litter!)

Looking east toward Suffolk, there seemed to be rain, but it stayed dry here, and some great skies.
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Saturday: A mid morning ride, with a blue sky and white clouds, east along the Bilton Lane bridleway quickly saw the Defys new Schwalbe tyres quickly gather a used appearance thanks to diluted horse muck even if larger deposits, along with wandering dogs, were avoided.
Knaresborough had acquired a new set of TTLs where an open top car tried to get through them as I was. We both stopped whereupon the car conceded; V fingers followed as it subsequently overtook. Through Farnham, Ferrensby and Arkendale to the fourth character ABC start of Great Ouseburn. I had skipped Z of the third character making up the three byes. Great Ouseburn seems to be merging with the hamlet of Branton Green and the lack of a nameboard was made up for by the large sign on the village hall.


Route reversed initially and I was glad I had not taken the gillet off as the northerly made its presence known. Continued north west on the B6265, another Yorkshire road that springs up all over the place before turning into Aldborough; and again a lack of a nameboard. An Aldborough Estate sign doubled which I eventually translated as no cycling on the lane to which it referred.


On the route of NCN688 through Boroughbridge and onto Roecliffe; a 30mph limit combined sign at the start of the commercial properties before the village itself.

The twisting road / NCN688 route followed to Bishop Monkton for a snack on a bench by the stream and the weather forecast checked. Decided to make use of the light northerly and went west up Moor Road for a procession of PRs south on the A61.
As the road has been closed in the evenings I was hoping the TTLs beyond Killinghall had gone but not only where they still there but the road now has two pronounced ramps.
34.63 miles, 1650 ft climbed 13.4mph avg
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Yesterday the missus decided it was time for her to actually ride a bike this year. Now she has had a tough 12 months, a SCAD heart attack, caught Covid and her mother died so has plenty of valid excuses for not getting out.
She has been on the turbo a bit so reckoned she could manage 20 miles at pootle pace. I suggested we use the tandem but she wanted to ride her CX bike on a bit of a green laner outing, Turned out to be a bad idea. She had a thick base layer on but insisted on copying my shorts attire.
First part of the ride went fine then we went down a lane that had been churned up by off roaders where the ruts were so deep you could not pedal. She hated it and walked which I agread was the best option for her. Then she got cold so we decided to stop at 10 miles and warm up with Coffee and cake. She was then her usual happy self.
Then when we got back on the bikes she got even colder and started to whinge so after 7 more miles she decided she would go no further it was decided I would bomb off and get the car. The journey back in the was full off everything was my fault! I should have know it would be too cold for her, I should have known she could not manage 20 miles and I should have known the lane was too rutted for her to ride. Well I did say the tandem was the better option, it was then my fault I had not insisted!
photos of us in a better mood.



Then today I was let off the leash and decided to take the risk of a 50 miler on Tubs with just a can of pit stop and a phone in my pocket , Its been a long time since I used them so I checked them over and despite being glued to the rims for probably 5 years they looked in good nick and still very firmly stuck to the rims. Seems my memory of the them was a little rose tinted, they are 23mm's and felt harsh compared to my normal 25mm clinchers. The dura ace bearings were still silky smooth though. Turned out they were pretty quick and I managed a 18.5mph average over the 50. I accidently managed to join someone elses sportive half way through and had to scythe through a few groups of people. ( suprising large amount of ladies amongst them)

I stopped at the 27 mile point for some refreshment by the side of the road and took a pic of the old steed.


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Quedgeley, Glos.
Great club ride today in lovely sunny weather. Up into the Cotswolds via Nut Hill (near Upton St Leonards), Buckholt Woods and Miserden. Then more climbing at the Daneway before an up and down route along the Chalford Valley for coffees at Felt Cafe in Brimscombe. Returned home via Stroud, Stonehouse, Standish and Epney. Great company as always. They were quite forgiving of me going the wrong way at one point and getting to the cafe ages before them as they waited for me! 43 miles and a few nice climbs. Loved it.
Cheers, Donger.:hello:


My meandering for today took me to Tutbury and then down to Barton under Needwood . Across the Trent and the river valley to Croxall .
Through Edingale and a fine view of Clifton Campville church presented itself to my right .

Lullington village with its pleasing old village Hall was soon reached .

Along to Botany Bay . Quite where this Hamlet gets its name from is not known and it is at least 70 miles from the nearest coastline.
Rosliston for a café stop at the Honey pot which was buzzing .
Thence to Hartshorne and along to Repton .This stretch of road always reminds me of "The Marches" with its surrounding topography .
Back over the Trent and into Willington. The bridge here is an former Toll one which opened in 1839 and is a grade 2 structure .I wonder how many who use it have any idea of its history .


Onto to Etwall which is well known for its Well Dressing festival . Reaching the suburbs of Derby via Radbourne . Another good few hours enjoying the Derbyshire & Staffordshire Countryside in sunny weather .
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An average start to the day, no complaint at all ‘cos just lately average has been pretty good. And a later than usual start for me, the intention was to meet up with a club run half way around their route. The first half of that was promised to be mostly off road. Which might just have been smoother than some of the tarmac I rode on.

Me and the Spa today, ride to the Armouries and then down the river to Woodlesford. Cold it certainly was but there was a surprising number of people using that path, many on bikes including one poor lad without a chain. ‘It broke, so I threw it!’ said he.

The road from Woodlesford to Garforth was busy, thought after that things were much more peaceful. Before Lotherton, turn left for Aberford, roughly the former route of the A1 as once was. These days it is incredible to some people, but that road ran right through the middle (Main Street with a vengeance) of lots of villages. Including Bramham, the next one I rode to. Turn right there on the road that goes to Toulston. Ride past Tadcaster Grammar School and take the left turn to Newton Kyme. I thought I had turned the video camera on here, but seems not.

There is a path from Newton Kyme to Thorp Arch, but I did not find the end of it I was looking for. A bit further along the road, turn right and a bit of a wander, there it is! Cross the River Wharfe and play find the cafe in Thorp Arch. The club run and I joined forces to eat and drink and chatter. And then rode away together. A former railway line is now a path to Wetherby, and there are a couple more that we took to Sicklinghall Road. And that is where we rode next.

Straight on from the top of the village, until the left fork to ride through Netherby. This road meets Swindon Lane from Kirkby Overblow after a bit, turn left, and left again when the A61 is reached. Back across the Wharfe at Harewood, turn right and then find the gate into the grounds of Harewood House. We could have ridden the bridleway to Muddy Boots cafe, but we went the other way, the long and bumpy way around. Fun it was, and exercised some muscles too. But I was happy to see the road to Wike.

Slaid Hill from there, followed by that long descent into Leeds’ centre and the couple of miles or so to home from there. A big smile, could almost feel the shower needling the aches away, after fifty one miles and 2848 feet of uphill pedalling. A cracking good ride.

That big flat bit in the elevation trace, a bit of a mystery really. Cannot remember that much with no ups and downs


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