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My plan for a long ride this morning got scuppered by a disturbed night so I couldn't face the early start. Later in the morning I took the dog for a walk on Lyth Hill instead and watching the profusion of showers marching across the landscape was secretly glad that I wasn't out cycling in that.

After lunch I got the Raleigh out and decided to true and stress-relieve the wheels properly. Much happier with them now. A test ride beckoned and I decided to just do a repeat of the route from Sunday.

I was setting out a bit later in the day and the A49 was fairly busy with school run traffic, as was the road to Condover. After that it was better and I seemed to be getting along better than last time despite riding into the wind (a small saddle adjustment seemed to have helped there).

I had the wind behind me after Longnor and got along at a very nice swift pace, catching up with a tractor and trailer for a while until the chain jammed.:angry: (My fault - the back wheel hadn't quite gone back in square). With that sorted I carried on to Acton Burnell then towards Cound Moor with the sunset giving a nice light. The light faded quite quickly after that as I rode through Harnage and Cound (same flag flying as last time). The A458 was quite busy this evening so I was glad I was only on it for a short stretch.

On Lyons Lane one of my front lights dropped onto the low power setting - I should have done a top up charge. The other lasted the rest of the trip fine though so still plenty of light on the road. The A49 was busy with the evening rush but luckily I reached it in time for a bit of a lull so it wasn't too bad.

23.9 miles at 14.6 mph average. Enjoyed that.


Sunset seen from the turning for Harnage.

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Near Newmarket
I had Monday off, the sun was out so time for a ride. Kingfisher Nature Reserve near Ely the destination.


Ely Cathedral, seen (just!) from the look out deck.


I’d heard on the grapevine rare spoonbills were about and sure enough there they were (rubbish shot through my scope). A great white egret drifted in as well while I was there.


Most of my rides combine 3 of my favourite things, birding, listening to radio stations that used to broadcast from boats, and of course cycling.


lots of room on the deck for the bike.


Heading home with some wonderful autumn colours.


Paused at Burwell Fen as the sun set. 3 barn owls made for good company on the last leg.

A relaxed 22 miles ride here in the flatlands.


Wednesday morning and the ebikes first outing of the month on work related matters which just coincidently virtually fitted with the next two ABC roadnames; James Street, a main shopping street which still manages to cling on to two banks, Barclays and what was a Yorkshire Bank is now a Virgin Money,


and King's Road where a small open area contrasts sharply with the facing Harrogate Convention Centre and the Crowne Plaza as its adjacent hotel is currently known.


Just 5.4 miles but at 76.3ft/mile it kept the motor occupied.
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Another Wednesday evening ride with @Rickshaw Phil and Doug, with a route I’ve not done for a long while and some hills to get the legs working.

I layered up with thermals, due to perceiving it would be cold out, but to begin with it was actually warmer than I’d expected.

We meandered our way out of Shrewbury, with very busy traffic negotiated and then onto the lanes to Betton Abbots and King Street, where we joined Lyons Lane, towards Condover. We didn’t go all the way though, as I turned us off to Allfield and round the back of the cricket club, 2 lanes I’ve not used for a couple of years.

The crossing of the A49, across a nasty junction, wasn’t too bad, but the lane to Exfords Green was busy, as was the rat run up Long Lane and that is frequently the case along there.

We then began the main climb up to Oaks, getting the interest of a couple of dogs who were determined to see us off “their land”! I wondered how Doug would cope with the climb, but he was fine and shows he can do it, we just need to somehow encourage him to get out more, I’ve tried!!

The descent down to Plealey was good fun, just making sure that care was taken on a couple of rough sections. I thought it was a while since I’ve gone down that way and Strava confirms it was FIVE years ago…….where on earth does time go?

It’s downhill most of the way to Annscroft from there and the full moon was lighting the landscape up beautifully. I did think of stopping to take a photo, but I know that it wouldn’t have come out in any way to really show how beautiful it looked, so didn’t bother.

The main road back through Hook a Gate was busy, but fairly quick with no wind blowing, but the temperature had really dipped now and I was glad of the thermals.

We finished off through Meole Village and parted ways, for our short remaining miles home. Really enjoyed that one and whilst a lot of it was busy with traffic, without exception they were all courteous and well behaved, which is well needed after other recent rides.

17.83 miles

Fat Lars

We then began the main climb up to Oaks, getting the interest of a couple of dogs who were determined to see us off “their land”!
When I first started cycling I rode past some Travellers and was chased by one of their dogs up the road. It caught me and I felt Its bite on my calf muscle. The effort to get away from it was for greater than I had thought possible and within seconds i had left it behind. It was then I noticed that the effort had made my saddle had dip at the front by a good 3 inches. It just shows that you don't know your own strength.^_^

All uphill

I didn't recognise you but I knew your bike
Out on the Spa today with a resolve to take my time and look around.

Left Taunton and made my first stop at Angersleigh church. Here's the ancient font:


Lots of babies have been dipped in that!

Up the Blackdown hills (slowly) and through Rosemary Lane to Hemyock. I can imagine what "restoring peace" involved.


Quick look at the castle


On to Culmstock where I sat in the church porch eating my sandwich and rejoicing in the lovely music being played by an early music consort.

Here's the church complete with tree growing in the tower:


On to Nicholashayne where some cows had escaped into the road. I haven't herded cows in more than 40 years, but I'm delighted to report that I've still got the knack! Beef back in the field and on to Wellington and then home.

32 miles, very slow, lots of photos.^_^


When I first started cycling I rode past some Travellers and was chased by one of their dogs up the road. It caught me and I felt Its bite on my calf muscle. The effort to get away from it was for greater than I had thought possible and within seconds i had left it behind. It was then I noticed that the effort had made my saddle had dip at the front by a good 3 inches. It just shows that you don't know your own strength.^_^
These ones didn’t chase us too far, after the owner shouted “come and get your dinner” to the one that was on the road!! Only ever had one chase me properly and it didn’t attack but just followed me for ages until after stopping twice I persuaded it to go home


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Almost no wind at all today – a rarity in Brittany. I rode a favourite loop this afternoon – out to Gaël, north to Trémorel then home via Illifaut .. but today I extended it by heading west from Trémorel to Merdrignac in order to see the chapelle at St Brieuc-des-Bois, then coming SE out of Merdrignac back to Illifaut and passing another chapelle at Penhouët Butteau.

68km of mostly grey skies, quiet roads and two charming chapelles.

The chapelle at St Brieuc-des-Bois …


.and the other one at Penhouët Butteau



Finally managed to get a gap at lunchtime and went out for a spin taking advantage of the weather.

A bit of a new route, via Littleworth and Wadborough, but then turning left towards Drakes Broughton and then to Besford Bridge to follow Rebecca Rd to Croome and then back via High Green, Pirton, Stonehall Common and down Hatfield. Just over 16 miles in pretty much exactly an hour.

As I was getting to the main road at the start another cyclist went past. I didn't think to try to follow, as he seemed fitter than me, but without much trying I managed to keep him in sight until he turned right in Wadborough and I turned left. Lots of cyclists out, no doubt taking advantage of the temperatures.

The map

Old jon

Very cheerful and bright out there this morning, and a bit of breeze. So good for November, I will enjoy taking advantage of weather like this.

Take the Bob Jackson today, with the intention of riding on a bit of the A660, and other roads as well. The first being the roads to and into Holbeck. And then I left the roads behind for a while and pedalled up the towpath of the Leeds and Liverpool canal as far as Viaduct Road. Cannot go far without a road. Up the hill to Headingley, a right and then left turn and up the next slope to Lawnswood. Turn right to ride through Adel and then alongside the fields full of sheep until the descent of Kings Road takes me back into housing.

This is Bramhope, turn right and go to the next set of traffic lights, at the former Dyneley Arms. And turn right there, leaving the A660 behind, for a swift ride down Pool Bank in the sunshine. Yup, sunshine here in Yorkshire in November. Look at the video, I am casting a shadow.

Through the village and carry straight on to cross the River Wharfe. The next turn left, signposted Leathley, is taken. A quieter road, past a couple of farms and a bend northwards there is a left turn that crosses the River Washburn, on Leathley Bridge. And the road then climbs up to Farnley. And so do I. Not sure who the woman referred to is . . .

Farnley Hall01.jpg

Then down the other side of the hill, into Otley. Back over the Wharfe there and suddenly the gears changed themselves! A hundred yards later I could see (almost) what had happened, changed to the smallest sprocket and stopped in Chevin Cycles’ car park. Yes, the cable clamp bolt had vibrated loose. Or maybe I did not tighten it fully. Not a problem, loosen bolt, pull cable tight, tighten bolt properly and check that the gears select nicely. Success.

Up Leeds Road from there and return to the Dyneley Arms from the other direction. And continue, the A660 is ridden all the way to Headingley, where a right turn descends still further to Kirkstall. Onto the towpath again, quiet riding is addictive, and pedal all the way to Office Lock. Not strictly accurate of course, I did not pedal all the way. Gears usually have a freewheel.

That little bit of Hunslet before I reach home, with a smile. It really has been a good ride, helped by the unseasonably mild weather. A total of 1788 feet of upwards stuff in thirty two miles of riding. And the legs can feel it.

Indications of directions



Fat Lars


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I rode the Breakfast in Bampton 100 today, adding another 45km riding to the start & home. Started the day with muesli before heading off, then a bacon roll at the start, and then cake & hot chocolate at a cafe in Bampton. Rode nearly all day with a few friends, though they're out of shot below. Had a beer at the finish before the ride home. First proper ride on the fixed-wheel for more than a year.



Another touch late Saturday ride, due to having the shower repaired, on a contract, with apparently everything bar the casing renewed. Same initial route as last week to Cold Bath Road turning off before passing Prologue Cycles and a left turn on right turn off Otley Road followed by around two sides of Trinity Methodist Church to arrive at the ABC roadname board for Leeds Road – the area beyond the path was the location of the cycle parking for the 2019 UCIs and across Otley Road the location of the fan park.

Onto Otley Road and pass the Methodist Church again to the join, at a roundabout, Leeds Road briefly to reach St Marks Church, a Grade II listed building

Moisture was evident, the waterproof jersey was a good decision; Calcutt and the Nidd Gorge, to Manse Lane, the home of Knaresborough Town AFC who play in the 9th tier, Northern Counties East League Premier Division, and plainly were playing away.

B6164 to Wetherby where The Royal Oak is located on North Street

A661 to Spofforth then through Follifoot and again the TLs on Rudding Lane stayed green; up the climb away quicker than last week and thereafter the same route. 28.5 miles 1624ft climbed 12.9mph avg.

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