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Dave 123

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I was ahead of schedule today so I finished at 2.30. Although I was feeling a little bit dead I was changed and out the door before 3.

A breeze, big clouds and sunshine. The roads were dirty and in places flooded after the storms.

I ended up in Battisborough and I decided that I wanted to go around the Warren.

It was muddy and squishy in places.

I saw a bullfinch and a couple of kestrels.

I was also riding towards the sun, it was horrible. I turned to look over my shoulder, and was rewarded with a rainbow!

Then I saw a couple of parasol mushrooms.

A pint in the ship, then home up Bridgend hill.

15 mucky miles










Dave 123

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14 miles on dirty lanes and Flete drive.
More fungi spotted.










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club ride to Mad hatters tea rooms in Findern
only 2 of us what with the weather, luckily it was dry and sunny but that wind was bitter and around 40 miles in my circulation to my hands and feet went and i i had to dial it back as the body was struggling to send the blood where it was needed aka legs or extremities ?
nearly taken out by a dog that was sitting on a driveway on a country lane that ran straight at me ,i had to swerve and brake suddenly and my ride mate nearly took me out from behind .
3 very close passes today :sad: people are either not looking or still in shellshock from the fire works

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Unbelievably the ravages of Storm Babet has left north Lancashire and South Cumbria relative untouched. After three days of very strong winds today dawned dry and bright. I knew the Dales had been drenched so headed out through Arnside and round the Kent estuary and across the flats to Witherslack before climbing the 20% gradients up to High Newton. From there I was into the Leven catchment and I descended down for lunch with the national trust at Fellfoot at the southern edge of Windermere. Other than the company of damp wild swimmers that was very pleasant. Next came the second major climb of the day up Gummer How, not quite as steep but long enough. Had some great views back over the lake. From there it was a steep descent of strawberry bank then some tiny roads through autumn woodland back to Lyth valley and then home. 103 km with 1350 m of climbing.

Pictures of Windermere, the tea room at Fellfoot and bike at the top of Gummer How with Kent estuary in the distance.

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I think you must live at the epicenter of good cycle routes!!


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Another better day than forecast so decided to make the most of a bright morning and headed south eastward toward Bowland. Out through Quernmore and up over Jubilee Tower with views across Morecambe Bay and into deepest Bowland. Enjoyed the lovely fast descent down to Marshaw and then tackled the Trough of Bowland. Always spectacular and worth the poor road surface before the climb proper and also a road section that’s cracked and heading rapidly downslope. After Dunsop Bridge I went through Whitewell and then lunch in Chipping. That fortified me for the last climb up Beacon Fell before dropping down into the low level glacial deposits. Home before the rainclouds gathered. 87 km with 1100 m of climbing.

Pictures are top of Jubilee Tower and Trough of Bowland.


It rained all yesterday and whilst previous me would have went out, with the peripheral nerve damage that chemo has done I decided to turbore instead. So I was pretty desperate to get out today, Its usually a gravel ride on a Sunday, which after weeks of rain would have been a mud fest. I prepped the gravel bike and strategically placed the cleaning kit out. However, the message came through that it was to be a social road ride. That brought out quite a few folks, although two had to peel off early and before the cafe.


Lol, My group selfies are useless, the one in focus chopped 2 folk out and the blurry one still chopped someone out (all but his


Double lol, I forgot to stick the garmin back on after the pub stop until it beeped for autoshut down by which time I'd done 6.9miles.




I’m glad we didn’t go off road, the winter/ commuter bike with full guards, was dirty enough so I needed that cleaning kit after all. It cleans up well though

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First double figure ride on the ex @Drago Pinnacle this morning after doing a few short rides to get the set up right.
Out early headed out of town and towards Finedon via the golf links road and then across to Rushden and onto Wymington.
After Wymington I made a decision to extend the ride and carry on to Bozeat , Easton Maudit , Grendon around the edge of Earls Barton and home across town only missed my target arrive home time by 5 minutes so we'll happy.
Bike went well shame that the engine didn't perform as good as it can do .
Caught the start of a nice sunrise on the way round.


Conditions were dark , chilly but dry mostly and a bit of a frosty verge between wymington and Poddington.

Dave 123

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Ivybridge tip again…. So that’s bike in the van and go up the Puffing Billy track.

It was cold today, and my leg warmers made an appearance!

Not many birds around, just a couple of pairs of Ravens.

On my way back down a weasel scurried across the track in front of me, it was close! In a panic he missed the escape hole in the gorse and momentarily bounced back out!

It was cold up there, and for the descent I wore 2 coats and a gilet!

15 miles.











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Quedgeley, Glos.
Drove out to Cambridge (no, not that Cambridge) to meet up with @jembullo for the first time in ages. He had ridden out from Whiteshill near Stroud and would be riding back there afterwards, finishing with a big, steep climb. No such exertions for me. We started off down Ryall's Lane - a quiet little lane heading into Slimbridge avoiding the A38. From there we took other quiet lanes out through Berkeley to the village of Hill in South Glos before turning around and retiring to the Berkeley Tea Rooms for coffees and bacon rolls. Then back via Sharpness docks to Cambridge where we parted ways. A nice little late season 31.6 mile ride in good company and in near perfect weather conditions (little wind, no rain and dry roads). I enjoyed that one and have a feeling we will be riding together again soon.
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