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Discussion in 'Virtual Training: Bkool, Zwift, CycleOps & others' started by steverob, 30 Jan 2018.

  1. steverob

    steverob Über Member

    Can anyone explain to me how to interpret race results on ZwiftPower? I took part in only my second race ever this evening (and the first was one of those Zwiftmas races where everyone was category E, so the results were straightforward) and despite crossing the line 7th in category D, I was first upgraded to 3rd and now to 1st!

    I think three of the riders ahead of me all must have gone over a w/kg limit and so were moved to category C, but the other two have for some reason had 10 hours added to their times, so that they now appear below me, but I have no idea why.

    It does make me glad that I sprinted for the finish now - overtook the guy that at the time I thought was in 7th with just 50m to go, when he was over 6 seconds ahead of me at the 1km banner!
  2. bridgy

    bridgy Guru

    I believe the 10 hour penalty is if the rider is not registered properly with Zwift Power or accepted their Ts&Cs
  3. OP

    steverob Über Member

    That makes sense - just one of those strange ZwiftPower quirks that isn't obvious to newbies like me.

    And it means I think I'm safe to say that I therefore finished 3rd in my category (I'll reinstate the two 10 hour riders, but not the cat C's) which I'd be well chuffed with!
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  4. bobinski

    bobinski Guru

    Tulse Hill
    Well done on the win! Take it and bag it:okay:

    Zwiftpower is bringing a more rigorous and hopefully fairer approach to online racing. Racers klaus need to register and sign up to the not unreasonable rules. I am amazed that to date at least this been pretty much unpaid voluntary work on ZP’s part. Filling the gap Zwift won’t fill.
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  5. JLaw

    JLaw Über Member

    I suspect more than anything Zwift didn't have the resources to tackle it early on. But Zwift was willing to expose some APIs and build out certain infrastructure over time for the needs of the racing community. The ZP folks build everything on the analysis side as well as the UI for the racers.

    It's a fairly smart move on the part of Zwift. They focus on things that are closer to their strategic sweet spot, get a lot of good feedback/input, & build their brand and community with a fairly limited up-front investment. Zwift can always look to bring ZP into the fold at the appropriate time (at an appropriate cost of course).

    I've seen that play out in other arenas, quite well for both parties in most circumstances.
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  6. greenmark

    greenmark Veteran

    Hong Kong
    You should simply take it as coming first. Don't reinstate the 10-hour riders.

    Think of it as the same as the real world results. The two riders who have not accepted the T&Cs are the same as two real-life riders who won't provide a urine sample for drugs. It does not mean that they actually took drugs and cheated, but it does mean that they can be DQd.
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