1. R

    Child Seat for Brompton

    Hi! Planning to mount a child seat to my other halfs Brompton, Looking at the Yepp Mini or one from BoBike... Any experience? Ta!
  2. chriscross1966

    Carbon Fork for Brompton Kickstarter launched Not the cheapest bolt on you could fit, but I have no doubt I will find the wherewithall to obtain one ...
  3. steveindenmark

    Brompton in London

    A bit of a sad story about a distinctive Brompton in London.
  4. Binka

    Got myself a new folder, but not a Brompton in the end!

    Picked this Phillips Folda up for £20. It's in amazing condition to think its late 79s or early 80s? Thought it's worth a try for the money.
  5. lazyfatgit

    Brompton rear wheel spoke cover question

    I've just replaced 2 spokes on my 2008 rear wheel. Unfortunately now that it is reassembled and back on the bike, the spoke cover/hub cover has been discovered lying on the workbench. How essential is this for keeping crud out of the hub? Should I disassemble and refit this now or leave it in...
  6. ianrauk

    Brompton tyres sucking the life out of me

    The tyres that were supplied with my Brompton are sucking the life out of me. They are Marathon Plus. 16x13/8 So any recommendations as to a better rolling, quicker tyre. Obviously I will be trading off the puncture protection of the Plus', but dammit, they really are hard work.
  7. jay clock

    Brompton puncture repair (F$%^&*KIN& HEKK)

    I have a Brompton with Marathons on. There or four punctures in 3-4 years. All of them I think are rim tape related. I have (Now for the second time on the back) used electrical tape as well. The issue is that the valley of the rim is v shaped so it is impossible to get it seated flat About...
  8. CopperBrompton

    My copper-plated Brompton finally arrived!

    Ever since the nickel-plated Brompton was introduced, I'd been looking rather wistfully at them. The problem was, as I had a rather non-standard Brompton at the time (8-speed Sturmey Archer), and Brompton didn't sell the frame on its own, I'd have had to buy an expensive bike and then make the...
  9. Julia9054

    Bike insurance for my new Brompton

    This morning i picked up my new Brompton - it's lovely! My other bikes are insured against theft and damage on my home insurance policy. I rang them to add my new bike and was told that i have reached the limit in value of bikes that they will include on the policy. I was prepared to increase my...
  10. bikegang

    Brompton 2018 C caliper Brake

    Looks lighter .. but the brake pad . Some like marathon racer tyers
  11. U

    Brompton recall: BB66 failures

    Heads up for Brompton owners. Cant see this posted elsewhere.
  12. Dogtrousers

    Brompton Voluntary Recall Notice

    I received this email today ... Edit. I ran the check and my bike is affected. I'll keep you posted how it goes. Voluntary Recall Notice FAG Bottom Bracket cartridge BB66 (April 2014 – May 2017) Through our warranty and quality assurance process we have become aware of an issue...
  13. simon.r

    ACE rack and wheels for Brompton

    I didn’t like the standard Brompton rack, so removed it from my bike and sold it. A few weeks on and I realised that as well as the obvious ability to carry stuff, the rack protected the mudguard from scratching and the bike was much easier to wheel around on 4 wheels than 3. I also got fed up...
  14. Bill

    Information needed regarding Brompton gear changing.

    Hello, I am debating wether to buy a Brompton cycle. It's basically the small fold I am interested in. I visited a main Brompton dealer in Birmingham to look at the bikes. Now, the chap in the shop described the method of changing the two triggers and what they are changing...but me being...
  15. doginabag

    Brompton on the Eurostar?

    I am going to Paris next week for a business trip and ordinarily I get around ok via their tube network. But I am considering taking my brompton and avoiding having to use any public transport and might give me a bit more scope to do some sight seeing in my free evening. Does anyone have any...
  16. P

    Brompton 3sp SA hub rear wheel and shifter- price reduced

    These are parts which were replaced when upgrading from a 3 speed BSR Sturmey hub Brommie to the 8 speed SA hub by means of the Kinetics conversion kit. I doubt if I had exceeded 300 miles before upgrading. I'm selling these as a complete 3 speed kit. The 3 speed kit consists of a standard rear...
  17. ABikeCam

    Brompton rear hinge - fix myself or under warranty?

    I'm on my Brompton pulling away from a stop this morning and I feel the back wheel wobble in an alarming fashion. Stopping quickly as possible I check the bike over and somehow I've lost one of the bolts holding the rear spindle in place. The replacement part would be £20 but Brompton recommend...
  18. simon.r

    Tannus tyres on a Brompton

    I've fitted Tannus tyres to my Brompton. Fitting them is probably worth a thread of its own, but suffice to say it's doable at home but very difficult - and I consider myself a fairly competent home mechanic. I've done 10 miles on them and my initial impressions are that they're absolutely...
  19. M

    Brompton London championships

    Velovision had a great scoop on Saturday Simon the new editor was able to interview Bromptons MD and discover revealing plans for the new electric version . The video can be found on VV website
  20. Kell

    Electric Brompton is (almost) here...

    Demo bikes at The Prudential Ride London event this weekend.
  21. simon.r

    Brompton bottom bracket replacement

    i've just got around to removing and greasing the BB on my few hundred miles old Brompton. It's a FAG with plastic cups - the fixed cup side of which I've sheared off the outer portion: This doesn't affect the function, but I suspect it will be a hacksaw and hammer job to remove the remains...
  22. The Jogger

    Brompton Adapted for Hills

    I'm seriously thinking of bring my Brommie over to the village i have a house in Spain but it is seriously hilly around here, so what adjustments will I be able to make or get my LBS to do to make it a bit easier to get up the hills. Also what would i expect to pay for the adjustments.
  23. C

    Brompton P6L

    Hi I have a 2015 Lagoon Blue with firm suspension,Marathon tyres,mudguards and reduced gearing that I bought from Cycle Heaven in York along with a hard case for storage and transport. I have all receipts. The bike has been used for holidays only whilst at my caravan in Hornsea. At most covered...
  24. bikegang

    9 Street Brompton

    Hard to get, but really nice paint, heard it was done in house. Ok, not functional upgrade but still... :tongue::wahhey::evil:
  25. Kell

    Brompton Rear brake exploded diagram.

    Does anyone have a link to a exploded diagram of the rear brake assembly? I found this site But it doesn't include what I want. The problem I'm having is that the rear caliper appears to have lost its...
  26. Yellow Fang

    Dynamo front lamp for Brompton

    I bought a replacement front lamp for my Brompton about 18 months ago. It runs off the hub dynamo While it is much brighter than the lamps I used before, it annoyingly interferes with the front pannier. The lamp is basically too big. Can anyone recommend another lamp, preferably with measurements?
  27. simon.r

    Brompton - protective plastic bit on front wheel nut

    I hesitate to post this as it's such a minor thing, but I've picked up many minor tips over the years and this may be useful for some. The original plastic bit that covers the left hand front wheel nut on a Brompton (left in photo below) and offers some protection against bashing the chainstay...
  28. doginabag

    Brompton front light recommendation needed

    I had a bit of a close call this morning and came closer than I would have liked to being under a Nisan Nirvara. View: Audio removed due to getting a bit sweary. Caught up with the guy about a mile down the road to try and explain to him the error of his ways and...
  29. simon.r

    Brompton / Ikea Dimpa Bag

    In the first flush of Brompton ownership I bought 2 of these, but really only need 1, so will sell this for £5 posted. Sells for £2.95 at Ikea - I'm not trying to rip anyone off, it will cost me £2.90 to post! Payment by bank transfer please...
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