1. jay clock

    Broken Brompton - help needed

    My 3-4 year old SL3 has snapped/lost a bolt where the rear triangle pivots onto the frame this point here but it is the drive side (not my actual bike) the actual bike looks like this...
  2. The Jogger

    Brompton Service Cost?

    I managed to pump up a tyre without my glasses on and when out on the bike the tyre blew. I'm currently in Spain so I brought it along to my LBS to have what I thought was a tube replacement also to renew the bottom bracket which Brompton posted to me. I received a text from the guy detailing...
  3. steveindenmark

    Brompton moving to Halford

    The new CEO at Brompton has decided to let Halfords sell and repair Bromptons Would you trust your Brompton to a Halfords monkey wrench? Not me.
  4. A

    Rolling a folded Brompton, what am I doing wrong?

    I cannot work out how to roll my Brompton when folded. I have tried leaving handlebars up, using saddle to push (which usually means the handlebars pop out) and replaced the stock wheels with Eazy Wheels, but still cannot roll the damn thing. So what's the secret? It's an M6L if that makes any...
  5. ukoldschool

    Brompton toolkit bought and reviewed

    Hi all, I had been carrying a multi tool and a couple of Allen keys/tyre levers in an under saddle bag, but saw an unused Brompton specific toolkit available on a well known auction site, so as it was cheap I took the plunge and I have to say I am glad I did! Its extremely well made, lighter...
  6. Bodhbh

    Alternatives to Brompton stock rollers/cones.

    I'm looking to upgrade the rollers. After googling a while I see in-line roller skate wheels are one option, but I'm not quite clear what I need: in-line wheels, bearings, and M6/M5 bolts depending if attaching to the frame or rack. Do I need anything else...washers, axles...or is that it...
  7. Rockn Robin

    Brompton Light (iLUMENOX SS-L122)

    This is the light that came with the bike back in 2012. I see there is a newer model now (SS-L122W). Apparently the newer light has three settings, high beam, low beam, and flash, whereas the older model just had on, and flash. Mine is OK, but not that bright and not much spread. More like a...
  8. ukoldschool

    New style brompton gear change mechanism help..

    Hi all, has anybody taken apart or have a diagram of the new style gear changer? This type: Mine is not returning when engaging down into '1', i'm sure its something simple like a spring not seated correctly, but Id rather know what was in there before I take it apart.... thanks
  9. S

    Ti Brompton worth the premium?

    I am curious is the ti Brompton really worth the premium over a standard model, it’s nealy £500-£600 more?
  10. cosmicbike

    What Bag For Brompton Rear Rack?

    Mrs CB continues to amaze, and seems to have taken ownership of my M3L for commuting duties. Already fitted with an S-Bag, it seems there is not quite enough space for PE kit as well, so she resorted to a rucksack this week. I figured I'd fit a rear rack, but am somewhat loathe to for out £70...
  11. steveindenmark

    Potential Brompton Newbie needs help

    In 15 years of living in Denmark. I have seen one Brompton. I have read so much about them and have considered buying one for such a long time. At the weekend I was in Cambridge, which appears to be the capital of Brompton bikes. I called into Rutland Cycling and had a look at their selection...
  12. rogerzilla

    Brompton S type stem

    Preferably black. Brompton no longer sell them as supply-only, which is moronic. It's not exactly hard to fit a quill stem! Or swap for my M-type stem and bars.
  13. Nibor

    Brompton S Bag Mk 1 £60

    This is a Brompton S Bag Mk 1 with strap, frame but no rain cover. I bought the bag used without the frame which I bought new. This is the Mk 1 without the removable flap and is about 20 litres. Capacity. It has plenty of pockets including 2 on the rear which are great for bottles. This bag is...
  14. M

    Brompton really doesn't like anything other than smooth surfaces

    Only had it a couple of days but it really doesn't like to be on bumpy surfaces. Couple of roads I go down that are not the best and its like riding a boneshaker. Worse though is gravel paths. Tried cycling home from Slough station (to windsor) along the jubilee river path. Didn't realise it...
  15. stoatsngroats

    2018 Brompton with Spanninga Solo rear light...

    So, in case you didn’t know, I now have an M6L, with a Shimano dynamo lights, B&M Lumotec Lyt on the front, and a Spanninga Solo at the rear. I was somewhat perturbed by the location of the rear light, and unaware of the quality of light at the front, so bought 2 Lezyne Femto lights, just as a...
  16. Kell

    Reaming and refitting a Brompton rear...

    I'm sure I've read before that this is pretty expensive to do - and it's not an easy DIY job. Backtrack - a while ago I diagnosed a creak on my bike to a loose rear end (oo-er). As it happens, I managed to tighten the allen bolts and all's been fine for a year and a bit. But now it's started to...
  17. BromptonChrispy

    Brompton Double Chainring

    Thanks to the contributors who helped me with a simple but very effective modification, particularly Fab Foodie, The Doctor, and Pale Rider. As I had no "bits-box chain-sets" I bought a new Stronglight 50/34 with 170mm cranks - same as the Brompton stock on my 2014 S6L with JIS taper BB...
  18. steveindenmark

    Transcontinental Race on a Brompton

    Who would have believed it. Roger Seaton is attempting the TCR on a Brompton. I spoke to him at the start and his top goal is to get to the finish. He competed the race last year on a df bike. But scratched. Better luck this time.. The bike he is riding is titanium with an 11 speed hub. The...
  19. chriscross1966

    Least practical Brompton ever

    I reckon Francesca can give the Steve Parry tandem a run for its money Francesca ready to go by chriscross1966 posted 1 Aug 2018 at 07:49Francesca at Paddington by chriscross1966 posted 1 Aug 2018 at 07:49Rear Delta by chriscross1966 posted 1 Aug 2018 at 07:49
  20. Kell

    Google engineer commutes by Brompton and rowboat...
  21. Kell

    A different Brompton Luggage option

    There was a thread a while back about options for Brompton front luggage. I've just stumbled across this link (I have no connection to the seller) for handmade canvas/leather bags at a LOT less than those from Brooks, et al...
  22. glasgowcyclist

    Clever Brompton carrier box

    @CopperBrompton I spotted this on Twitter and thought it would interest you. Such a clever adaptation... View:
  23. U

    Brompton S bag design flaws

    I have an S bag, bought in 2013. It is fine, but the strap is something I never use so decided to take it off. You can't. It is sewed in one side, so either you cut, or you waste a side pocket by rolling up the strap and putting it inside. That's one thing. The other is potentially more...
  24. Ganroon

    Office Bag for a Brompton - advice needed

    I use a Brompton (in conjunction with a train journey) to commute to the office. So far I have used my normal rucksack/backpack to hold my computer, notebook and other bits and pieces for work. However, I would much prefer to use a front-carrier bag on my bike instead of a back pack as doing...
  25. U

    Brompton tyres

    Having just lashed out on some Schwalbe Kojak tyres, I'm just wondering whether the fact they're lighter and have a different tread pattern to the Marathons they'll replace will have any impact on performance, especially given the Brompton is a heavy bike and used for shopping, touring etc.
  26. Alembicbassman

    Found this Brompton Article from 2005, Prices have shot up since then.

    You could sell your 2005 Brompton for more than you paid for it. "The good news for traditionally-minded folk is that the old C, L and T-types remain on the books, and at similar prices.The C type becomes the C3E at £380, the L3...
  27. doginabag

    The Brompton creak

    I know this has come up here and all over the interweb, but I don't think I have ever found a conclusive answer. Does anyone know the source of the common creak that's associated with peddling, particularly down stroke on the left peddle? I have checked and double checked, all bolts are done...
  28. Nibor

    Brompton Advice

    Hi I know this is a folder but I am looking for very shallow advice, I am about to pull the trigger on a Brompton and have decided on an M6L with the low gear ratio option the only question is what colour? I quite fancy grey with Lime green forks and rear triangle but other suggestions are welcome.
  29. Kell

    You don't have to be mad to own a Brompton...

    ..but it helps. View:
  30. bonker

    Spoke and rim induced punctures on Brompton

    I've had a Brompton for about two years, its a 2012 model 3 speed S,raw lacquer. The problem I have found with it is punctures but from the inside of the rim ( it's got Schwalbe Marathons on. I've had about 4. The first three, rear wheel, punctures were soon after I got the bike, I replaced...
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