1. simon.r

    Brompton / Ikea Dimpa Bag

    In the first flush of Brompton ownership I bought 2 of these, but really only need 1, so will sell this for £5 posted. Sells for £2.95 at Ikea - I'm not trying to rip anyone off, it will cost me £2.90 to post! Payment by bank transfer please...
  2. ColinJ

    2nd annual Brompton Hill Climb, Cragg Vale. 13th/14th May 2017.

    Should be fun, eh? LINK
  3. redfalo

    **** SOLD **** Ortlieb O-Bag for Brompton, like-new condition

    For sale: black Ortlieb O bag for Brompton front carrier block. This is my father's bag who rarely used it. It's in very good condition and little used. (Only the shoulder strap is missing.) 90 pounds central London pick up, 95 pounds posted. (Current version costs 200 pounds...
  4. TigerT

    New Brompton Owner

    I've been considering buying a Brompton for a while. I wanted a bike for commuting and short trips, but it had to fold so I can take it on the train if I don't fancy riding both ways to and from work. Problem was I hadn't been able to find a dealer with a reasonable choice to try out...
  5. sbird

    Worn wheel rim on my Birdy folder

    After four and half years of commuting on my Birdy about 10 miles a day the rim on my rear wheel has worn through. I've never worn through the rim of the wheel on any of my other bikes so a first for me. And because my commute takes me through that London and the Brompton is the most popular...
  6. rozzer1971

    Brompton 'refer a friend' scheme

    Would there be any objection to me posting my link to allow any new Brompton owners who register their bikes to receive a code for £100 to use at ? Potentially a free new bag for the new ride ! It's a win-win as I would receive the same amount too. Thought I'd ask before posting...
  7. M

    Colt on my Brompton

    After a rather protracted purchasing process (during which I first bought a Swallow, then realised how thin the leather was, then considered and rejected a B17N) I have bought myself a lovely black Brooks Colt for my black and white S6L Brompton. I have heard that they are a literal pain in the...
  8. L

    Converting Brompton to Fixie?

    Any idea how I can convert my Brompton to fixie...Been thinking about this for quite a while...Guess I could get a rear wheel made up with the right hub...Anybody else done this? If so tips on how to do this,please.Cheers.
  9. Bimble

    Inside the Factory: Brompton Bicycles

    First shown in Aug 2016 but repeated this weekend. For those who missed it the first time around:
  10. doginabag

    Cracked Brompton rear mudguard

    I noticed a crack on my rear mudguard yesterday and was wondering if it is a common issue or not before I head down to the store I bought it from. The crack has originated from the jockey wheel bracket where you would expect the highest stress concentration when folded and being pushed around...
  11. bikegang

    2017 Brompton Nickel Ti

    So it now annual limited edition, and no number plaque any more... :laugh:
  12. mitchibob

    Brompton Crank Length

    I have short legs. Probably need to get measured properly, but a tailor once said I had a 27" inside leg. I love my Brompton, but for slightly longer periods in the saddle, I have been finding I start getting some hip pain. Also, even after various saddle positions, find that at higher...
  13. srw

    Brompton lead-in times

    Does anyone have any current info on the time taken for a bespoke build? I suspect my 8-speed will be consigned to a corner of the garage until I get more time and energy and manage to link up with an engineering adviser, and in the meantime I need something to commute on. I'm inclining towards...
  14. M

    Brompton posing...

    Cycling with my son along the promenade at Portobello this weekend. I had to go very slow since my son doesn't even have pedals on his bike yet. Trying some manoeuvres and Brompton-esque flick turns etc. I cycle past a guy who says 'Ive got to get me a folding bike like that.' Cue lots of...
  15. simon.r

    Brompton 6 speed - which chain link?

    I like to carry a chain tool and a quick-link with me in case my chain breaks (I know it's not a common occurrence, but a couple of long walks home when I started cycling mean I'd rather be prepared!) I know the chain on a Brompton 6 speed is 3/32", but I understand that this is the internal...
  16. simon.r

    New 2017 Brompton - I've succumbed

    Isn't it odd how circumstances sometimes combine to almost force your hand?! I had a small windfall a couple of weeks ago and last week an hour to kill in Leicester gave me a chance to pop into Evans and test ride a Brompton. The combined events led directly to me picking this up yesterday...
  17. 12boy

    Brompton front wheel cones

    I have on older front wheel with single wall rims and noticed a tiny bit of pitting on the cones. Does anyone know of a source for the cones? Shame to replace a wheel when everything else is good. Haven't checked on bearing availability and if they are some odd size a source for them would be...
  18. U

    Brompton H6R

    Available for sale here, is my 2012 Brompton H6R folding bike. I bought it 2nd hand last Sept (16) from the widow of a cycling friend. I'd always wanted one, so seized the chance. Sadly, after riding it to work (12 miles) for one week, I realised it was NOT to bike for me!!. Although a lovely...
  19. Kell

    Telegraph journo tries Brompton and loves it...

    Here's the link (you have to sign up to see the full article): Jonny Cooper 13 February 2017 • 11:45am The thing about Bromptons is that they just look a bit silly. They have tiny wheels, weird handlebars, and they bend in half like no other bike. The people who ride them aren't much...
  20. cosmicbike

    Brompton 'Ticking' & Ratios

    I bought my M3L last year, and so far have only covered about 130 miles on it, largely through not getting round to using it. All my other bikes have 'normal' gears, the Brompton SA hub. In the lowest gear all is well, nice and peaceful. in 2nd & 3rd gears though it 'ticks' in the same way as it...
  21. chriscross1966

    Fitting "normal" brake calipers to a Brompton

    Hi folks, has anyone fitted "normal" brake calipers to a Brompton amongst us?.... I would really like to get Francesca fitted out with Campagnolo brakes (to match the rest of the groupset) and at the moment I can see the following issues: 1: Campys are pretty short reach. 2: Cable entry is...
  22. chriscross1966

    Wanted: Pre-2004 Brompton headstock piece, also any Brompton handlebar stem set.

    Hi Folks, I've got the frame front, still looking for a stem :-) for a couple of ongoing projects I'm looking for a pre-Mark4 Brompton frame front/headstock piece (the bit about 8 inches long at the front of the frame with the headset in it. They have a different hinge piece than the later ones...
  23. chriscross1966

    Picking up a Brompton, with a Brompton

    Hauled latest eBay acquisition home today... Geraldine, an M3L with a snapped handlebar stem. Plans include a dynohub, a rack and a Campagnolo bottom bracket, all bits I have sitting around... Then a decision whether or not to sell...
  24. R

    Favorite Brompton Tips, Tricks, Accessories, and Mods

    Anyone care to share some of your favorite ideas and add-ons? This bike is so unique and versatile that it's got me all excited about bicycling again. :bicycle: - Alphabet Cottage Adaptors & Zefal Mini/Half- Clips: Uses existing pedals, doesn't really impact fold, not too expensive, keeps...
  25. Kell

    Brompton World Championship anyone?

    It's in London again on the 29th July. First day of my holidays unfortunately, otherwise I would have applied for the ballot. Anyone got in?
  26. smith4188

    Brompton touring

    A few good folk on here have mentioned touring on a Brompton. How were your gears configured? I think Brompton does a 1-, 2-, 3- and 6-gear version as standard but I've heard of people modifying up to 11 gears. How easy is it to upgrade to 11? Also, what was your average or typical distance per...
  27. U

    2012 Brompton

    Available for sale here, is my 2012 Brompton folding bike. I bought it 2nd hand in November 2016, from the widow of a cycling colleague (he was a Brompton dealer). The model is H6R. it has 6-speeds (3-speed Sturmey & two derailleur). The colour is apple green. It has M-type bars, a telescopic...
  28. chriscross1966

    Possibly insane Brompton tour in France, summer 2018.

    OK folks, this might be a rambling stream of consciousness post... Normally my summer revolves around working at the Glastonbury festival and it sort of squats there like a freshly calved ice shelf off Antarctica... However it is a fallow year in 2018, so I will have a spare couple of weeks of...
  29. chriscross1966

    Wanted: Brompton X-Bar

    Anyone got one they don't need?... I can cut you a deal on an unused J+L titanium H/M set of handlebars (pre 2016). I'm in the Oxford/Swindon area
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