1. K

    Cateye Velo 7 Wired Computer (Taken)

    Free. Unused and still in box.
  2. Spiderweb

    CATEYE Lights ** ALL SOLD **

    1 x Rear TL- LD610 Black body - £10. SOLD 1 x Rear TL- LD610 White body - £10. SOLD 2 x Front HL-EL135 - £12 each. SOLD These will be around 8 years old but are brand new, boxed, never been opened. They each come with fitting bracket & batteries which I presume, but can’t guarantee, are still...
  3. Jenkins

    Cateye Velo 9, Tiagra shifter & derailleur, shock pump - All now sold.

    1 - Cateye Velo 9 bike computer, still in box (which is a bit tatty and written on), but unused and complete with all tie cables, magnet & instruction booklet. A new battery will be supplied as the clock has been running for some time 2 - Shimano Tiagra flatbar shifter & derailleur (FD4700)...
  4. ExBromptonMan

    No longer for sale. Cateye Quick Wireless Bike Computer..

    It’s never been out of the box. I bought it for the Brompton I had on order but changed my order for an Electric one as I could get it quicker... The electric Brompton has an APP which gives me more than enough info! INFORMATION..... Easy to read, the sleekly designed cyclocomputer gives you...
  5. Justinitus

    **SOLD** Cateye 1100 Lumen & 150 Lumen Lights

    Top of the range Cateye bike light set, details below. 3 months old. Cost £140 for the set. Bike now sold so no longer required. Front Light: Cateye AMPP1100 1100 lumen front light 5 light modes (High / Middle / Low / Daytime HyperConstant / Flashing) Opticube lens technology Upto 50hrs runtime...
  6. P

    Cateye Strada Wireless YELLOW case

    For sale my Cateye Strada Wireless computer in fetching yellow. This has been a great unit for me but an upgrade to my iPhone means this is no longer needed. All complete and fully functional. Will come in original packaging with instructions. Specs...
  7. biggs682

    Bits for sale Cateye Astrale computer & Speed play Pedals

    Freshly removed from the Eddy Merckx I have just acquired is this cateye Astrale computer unit. Comes with cadence sensors (magnet not shown ) and also rear wheel speed sensor and magnet . All seems to work ok on the couple of rides I used it . Asking £15 posted / my Hermes or can be...
  8. DCBassman

    Cateye Velo 2 Wired Cycle Computer - GONE

    Free to a good home, as it came to me similarly from @EltonFrog . Will put a selection of cable ties in with it. I did at one point wreck the wiring, but it's repaired and working fine.
  9. DCBassman

    Cateye Computer Mounts and Accessories

    Specifically, for the Velo 2 wired and the Strada Wireless. I managed to snap the cable for the Velo 2, but have bodged it for now. For the Strada, well, someone threw this away, so any bits would be welcome, mounts, sensors, magnet, etc, although I don't doubt I could bodge a small neodymium...
  10. Slioch

    GONE - Cateye Rapid X - free to a good home (with a £1 charidee donation)

    Had one of these sat in my spares box for a couple of years. I'm never going to use it again because I've upgraded to a Lezyne light with a better daytime flash mode. I think it's the X model, though it may be the X2 - doesn't say on the light anywhere. It has various flash modes which will...
  11. DSK

    Cateye Cycle Mirror - Initial Thoughts

    During my first proper ride (returning after many years) I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder even on long straights only to see whats going on behind, how much traffic there is, when will it catch me etc. In the car and the motorbike, I check my mirrors every few seconds to help...
  12. citybabe

    Cateye bar mount bracket

    looking for a Cateye Strada bracket if anyone has a spare lurking around please
  13. roadrash

    Cateye velo wireless plus

    Cateye velo wireless plus for sale , no box or instructions but instructions can be found here.. .. head unit , cradle, speed sensor, wheel magnet and cable ties. £10 including postage
  14. Justinitus

    **SOLD** Cateye Rapid Mini Rear Light

    Cateye Rapid Mini rear light complete with mount and usb cable (cable not pictured and not Cateye brand). Bought last summer and perfect working order. Really bright rear light and good side visibility. Only selling as I got some nice Exposure lights and this is now surplus to requirements...
  15. Justinitus

    **NOW SOLD** Cateye Rapid 3 AA Battery Light Set

    Cateye Rapid 3 front and rear light set. About a year old but have been on the shopping bike so haven’t seen much use at all. These run on AA batteries which last ages. Perfect working order and very bright in flash mode. Complete with brackets (the straps have been trimmed but will fit normal...
  16. Browser

    Free - Cateye Strada (wired) - used but working

    Hi all, as per title I've got a Cateye Strada free to a good home. It's only surplus to requirement as I thought I'd lost it and had bought a new Strada Cadence, and then found this one!! Since I had a new one and it had the cadence meter I've fitted it so now this one's going begging. I've...
  17. mitchibob

    Does Cateye 400 Volt XC fit Brompton fitting?

    I've been mostly happy with my Cateye 300 on my Brommie, but lately, it's been playing up, in ways that suggests not just battery, however, it's working again, but I'd really like to get a spare light, as I always have a spare rear one in my saddlebag. However, 50 quid for the new 'brompton'...
  18. Gez73

    Cateye Nano Shot Plus for sale. £45 shipped.

    As per title surplus to requirements. Have tested it this weekend and it runs for more than 4 hours on medium setting before even going into the red indicator. Plenty of reviews online. Will come with charging cable and Flextight bracket. Ideal commuter light and very powerful even on lowest...
  19. Shut Up Legs

    Cateye Volt 800 - a poor purchase

    I just received a Cateye Volt 800 front light in the post, having ordered it online. While the light itself appears to be good quality and well designed, the handlebar mount is the opposite, and appears to be designed as if it were part of a child's toy. Now I wish I'd never ordered this light.
  20. M

    cateye rubber mounts - convert to fixed?

    I bought a cateye 400xc which fits ok on my brompton M handlebars and can stay in place during a fold. But the default rubber strap is useless. Maybe its the roads I ride on, or the smaller wheels and lack of suspension - but within a few minutes its pointing at the floor. Is it possible to get...
  21. pauljb0211

    Cateye padrone smart computer

    Hi guys and girls I recently purchased a cateye padrone smart computer for my new bike . Have had a few rides with it now and the speed reading seems very erratic at times,also when I upload the ride to strava ,strava always gives me a +•3 better average than my cateye computer does. Just...
  22. Moodyman

    Sold: Cateye mains charger £8

    This was the charger for the Cateye EL610 and quite possibly, will work with other rechargeable Cateye lights. Light broke but charger working fully. £8 posted.
  23. jay clock

    Maths question about setting up a Cateye

    [{START}NERD ALERT] OK, so anyone better at maths than me? I have put new batteries in my Cateye Micro Wireless and the chart says my tyre size equates to a circumference of 2023mm I put this in, and then rode today. The Garmin reads consisently a bit lower. My experience is that the Garmin...
  24. mick1836

    Cateye Strada Smart

    Along with a new road bike back in February last year I also had the bike dealer supply and fit a Cateye Strada Smart CC-RD500B this is a computer that records cadence and heart rate as well as speed & mileage however I have rarely had all three functions work during a ride the least being the...
  25. U

    Cateye 800 - front light

  26. Buck

    SOLD - Cateye Strada Cycle Computer

    Hi Now I use my Garmin for recording rides this is up for grabs. All in working order. Model No is CC RD100N It comes with: - Head unit - I'll include a new battery as well Handlebar Mount Cable and sensor Wheel sensor various bands; cable-ties and rubber mounts for the sensor Instruction...
  27. 13 rider

    Cateye velo wireless computer

    Free to first pm with address Cateye velo wireless bike computer 2.5 years old so well used but in good condition Includes head unit ,mount ,sensor and wheel magnet you just need 4 cable ties . Batteries and fairly new button cr2032 . I've upgraded to a wahoo GPS so this is surplus to my...
  28. mick1836

    Cateye Strada Smart Battery Life.

    In February this year along with my new bike I had the dealer supply and fit me a Strada Smart CC-RD500B computer which as well as your speed / distance monitors your heart rate and cadence. I have just since obtaining the device fitted a new second pair of CR2032 batteries so my question is...
  29. tornadotony

    Cateye Mity 8 wired computer

    Product Description The Mity 8 has a new design and larger numbers. Dual trip distance helps keep track of intermediate or multi-day distances. Lightweight sensor wire for road use now has 77cm wire length. The universal handlebar mount will work with any size diameter bar, and the new speed...
  30. Tom B

    Cateye Spares

    I have somehow managed to bust the mounting on the bottom of my Cateye Volt1200. I'm not sure, but it might have had something to do with the missing flag on the path and the 18inch deep hole where the flag should have been that resulted in mean going over the bars... But anyway the plastic...
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