1. Gibbo9

    New bike buying advice

    Hi All, Where to start??? I am in the market for a new bike and living in Taiwan you would think it would be pretty easy to get one built to spec, that's proving not the case at present due to equipment shortages, especially Di2 sets. Spec I am looking for: Comfort over speed for endurance but...
  2. NewBikeShopper

    Colnago R41 Handlebar

    I placed an order for a C64 today and they said their R41's were discontinued. Anyone currently using one and had any problems or know details about the discontinuation? Thanks!
  3. derrick

    Colnago build

    Putting together a dream machine, My wife's new toy, She is so looking forward to riding it.
  4. PHL67


    Cleaned, serviced and ready for summer, when it happens, if we’re still allowed out. needs new bar tape( this weekend). Another job off my to do list. .
  5. avecReynolds531

    Goodwood 1982: the Colnago

    From the museum collection at the Ghisallo, I stopped here and thought.... that is the finest bicycle I've ever seen.
  6. C

    Fake Colnago

    I only wanted an old frame to mate onto my indoor magnetic turbo-trainer to save shredding the rear tyre on the roadbike. There seemed nothing close to home until this "Replica Colnago" turned up on ebay. I bought it and on collection the story was that the frame had been purchased in good...
  7. PHL67

    Colnago Super Sport

    just picked this up today. Needs work but will look nice when done. Definitely a keeper ( made need to extend my workshop?).
  8. biggs682

    Colnago Sport by BMZ 58cm framest with issues . Sold stc

    For sale Colnago sport made under licence by BMZ 58cm frame and non original fork set WITH issues or bottom bracket threads are in trouble and paintwork is very scruffy . I have ridden about 300 + miles on this using a threadless bottom bracket , takes allen key style calipers and a 26.6 or...
  9. woodbutcher

    Colnago Master resto.

    Just a couple of pics of the restoration job a friend of my son is doing......l am in awe !
  10. Azzurrinick

    Colnago Super, Saronni Red Now Sold

    Colnago Super Saronni Red, Campagnolo Nuovo Record 56cm, vintage, l'eroica. Condition is Used. Beautiful and hard to find refurbished Colnago Super for sale. Looks like the original paint and decals. Produced in the period between 1978 and 1980 since it has the more modern recessed-nut brake...
  11. youngoldbloke

    Colnago E64 e-road announced

    Another one for e-roadies, using the Ebikemotion X35 system
  12. woodbutcher

    Car hire - the sting

    I am posting this in the hope that someone will have had experience of similar events and maybe can offer some advice. My eldest son who lives in Canada went to the UK to visit his brother and hired a car from Enterprise car rentals. He did suspect that the steering wheel was a bit off centre...
  13. smokeysmoo

    Colnago CLX 3.0 with Di2

    A friend of mine is selling THIS awesome bike. If your interested I can put you in touch. He's based in Bolton near Manchester.
  14. woodbutcher


    Just to complicate matters a bit , the radar picked this up.....if only the Pinarello was this colour or maybe this is just as nice. Common as muck ur Colnago though :whistle: What would be your choice folks ?
  15. 3narf

    Colnago CCCP

    :ohmy: Fancy it?
  16. Specialeyes

    Modernising a Colnago

    So, I was thoroughly enjoying this morning's commute when my mind began to wander, as it does, and ponder the possibilities of modernising - i.e. fitting brifters, new wheels and a more modern groupset - to my Super. It's such an ace frame that I want to ride it more - I love the ride quality...
  17. nlmkiii

    Is this Colnago real?

    I've been a bit scared off by some people saying about fake Colnago's. This one seems completely legit, but it's a fair stack of cash if not! Are there any reasons to believe it's not real? That's all the pictures I have... but if there are any other things to look out for, please do...
  18. nlmkiii

    Colnago Carbon for a heavy rider

    Hi guys!!! I’ve spotted a gorgeous Colnago CLX 2.0 second hand in great condition and am tempted. My only concern is that I’m 15 stone... I currently use a CAAD 8 105. Am I going to see any benefit to the carbon? Is it going to worse in some way? Could it break!!! Any advice would be...
  19. Kernow_T

    **Price drop/guide**Who wants the Colnago??

    I know you've been waiting for this.... Frame - C97 c.1994 57cm c-c Columbus Thron Super tubing, Precisa chrome forks Decor Design 10 Speed Record/Chorus groupset New baby and likelihood of selling her means she's been out once since I owned her. All negatives clearly displayed in pics...
  20. davidphilips

    To good to be true, colnago frame.

    Seen this colnago frame on ebay delivered free for £40? Any one ever bought a frame from china and if so what did it turn out like?
  21. woodbutcher


    Hello everyone, I know lm always asking silly questions but ca you explain what it is about Colnago bikes that rings everyones bell and are they worth the prices they attract ?
  22. woodbutcher

    C. Colnago

    There is a 1975 Colner Colnago for sale here in France (I ll de France) seems like lots of money though €599 but it does look very nice. If anyone is interested l will pass on details >
  23. colly

    Older Colnago .........

    ...but is it ? How can I tell if it's a genuine Colnago? The sticker says 531 and another sticker tells me it was re-furbished by Bob Jackson's of Leeds.(probably the chrome plating) I'm pretty sure the forks are not the originals even though, possibly because, they have the 'club' sign stamped...
  24. London_Vulcan

    Colnago Master Olympic Decor frame and chrome Precisa forks and Campag headset [LFGSS]
  25. mcnute

    Colnago C40 B stay bike All Carbon Colnago Star Forks In Good Cond HED JET 2

    Italian jewel Colnago C40 B-stay Dura-Ace 7700 Hed J2 and much more!
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