1. woodbutcher

    1986 Peugeot restoration

    A friend has asked me to help him restore this bike , l haven't seen it yet so no idea which model or what tube set it is but has anyone got advice on where to begin and any specifics which could be a problem. I am more used to Vitus and Look bikes so thats probably not going to be much help^_^
  2. Pumpman

    Now found one. Wanted – Front bag support for Peugeot P65 Lady mixte.

    I am trying to restore a late 1970s Peugeot P65 Lady mixte. (See my post “Peugeot P65 Lady mixte” in the “Vintage and Classic Bikes” forum.) These bikes were originally supplied with an unusual front bag support, as shown in the attached photos, which was shaped to fit around the centre-pull...
  3. Pumpman

    Peugeot P65 Lady mixte

    A couple of years ago, I bought an old Peugeot mixte bike, with a view to restoring it for my good lady to ride. She seems to think I’m doing it for my own fun though. After some initial enthusiasm, it got pushed to the back of the garage. As I now have some time on my hands, I think I should...
  4. DCLane

    New arrival: Peugeot Tourmalet PE200 - wrong wheels, missing parts

    This Peugeot was advertised yesterday and I threw in a cheeky offer. Having picked it up it's a 1991 Peugeot Tourmalet PE200 with Shimano shifters/derailleur. The crankset (116bcd) is a French Stronglight 185 and the Omega R brakes are mostly there. No seatpost/saddle/bolt and the RH Leechi...
  5. K

    Help Identifying this Peugeot Classic?

    Hi, I bought this 650B bike second hand last year. I've since replaced the tires, chain, cables and saddle. I removed the dynamo and replaced it with a 5 mAh powerbank, by soldering the USB-A cable from an old mouse to the existing cables and replacing the filament bulbs with LEDs. I did this...
  6. PHL67

    Peugeot Tandem for sale (SOLD)

    I am selling my Peugeot tandem as it is not being used. needs some work to make it very nice but still usable. still rides ok but could do with some refreshment. 56cm front 52cm rear. flat barred by previous owner. Normandy large flange hubs with weimann rims. Thought I would offer on here...
  7. EltonFrog

    Old Peugeot Premiere (Possible Project)

    Picked this up today free, gratis and for nuffink. It was about to be scrapped. Whadya fink?
  8. PHL67

    Peugeot Competition 531

    Spending some time in workshop so finally got round to finishing my 531 competition. Running a Strongliight crankset, Simplex gearing and Mafac braking. Wheels are Mavic Champion du monde on Normandy hubs with Vittoria tubs. one of my favourite colours.
  9. S

    1988 Peugeot Puymorens fully restored .

    For sale is my 1988 Peugeot Puymorens cycle. I totally restored this bike from a nut and bolt restoration and no expense was spared. The frame was professionally stripped down to base metal and then re-chromed and professionally resprayed and lacquered. The groupset is Shimano tricolor 600. bars...
  10. S

    1988 Peugeot puymorens fully restored

    For sale is my 1988 Peugeot Puymorens cycle. I totally restored this bike from a nut and bolt restoration and no expense was spared. The frame was professionally stripped down to base metal and then re-chromed and professionally resprayed and lacquered. The groupset is Shimano tricolor 600. bars...
  11. jongooligan

    Peugeot Optima from late eighties/early nineties - Price reduced

    Peugeot Optima in Reynolds 531 tubing from late eighties/early nineties. The frame and forks have the usual marks and scuffs expected of a bike of this age and the decals have some bare patches. Frameset: Reynolds 531 butted steel (excl. forks) Yellow and purple with purple, white...
  12. woodbutcher

    Peugeot road bike

    Looking for cheap winter weather ride , came across this , my size and €80 asking price it worth looking at ?
  13. smokeysmoo

    [FS] Genuine Peugeot High Load Retaining Net.

    This has only been used in a Peugeot 2008 SUV and used as a dog guard, and it's in perfect used condition. I've read it fits other models, and the part number may be 7220CE, but please check with you local dealer to be sure. These buggers are over £240 new, seriously!!!!! Open to sensible...
  14. smokeysmoo

    [SOLD] Genuine Peugeot 2008 SUV Roof Bars.

    Only used for one holiday so in great used condition. Supplied with 2 keys. Should fit all Peugeot 2008 models but please check with your local dealer. Cost me a small fortune to buy new, but they are a quality item. Open to sensible offers.
  15. woodbutcher

    Peugeot Aubisque

    One for you long legged chaps, at €70 , can't be bad. 57cm frame
  16. smokeysmoo

    [FS] Peugeot CR02 Carbon Road Bike

    A friend of mine is selling THIS bike, I remember when he got it and TBH pictures don't do it justice. The link is to Facebook but if you don't want to go through FB I've put his pics below, and your welcome to PM me and I'll hook you up with Chris the seller The bikes located in Black rod...
  17. DCBassman

    Peugeot Carbolite 103 mixte

    Similar to this at the recycling centre. Any good as a project?
  18. Kevoffthetee

    Peugeot 531 Optimum

    Having a clearout and wondered if anyone would be interested. I upgraded the shifters, rear mech and cassette to Claris 8 speed and Shimano wheels but I have all downtime components and original wheels to turn the bike back to standard Overall VGC but it’s just not getting used £100
  19. PHL67

    Vitus 172 Peugeot Course.

    Bought the frame 2 weeks ago and built up from parts in the workshop. Original paintwork. Mavic Sprint rims on Normandy Hubs. Original JPR seat post.
  20. PHL67

    Vintage Peugeot 531.

    This one will be a keeper. In nice condition for year. Will be getting the refurb treatment. Nice and light.
  21. funk2monk

    Peugeot PX10?

    latest find. Quite a nice lightweight Peugeot in seemingly original condition - apart from seat, replacement purchased. Mavic rims and stainless spokes. Not sure of age or model although Google picture search suggests PX10. It was a free bike and after pumping tyres up seems to ride very well.
  22. Tommy2

    Old Peugeot, anything special?

    lad at work is selling a bike on behalf of his dad, Old Peugeot, looks in nice condition, is it anything special or just a nice old bike? From the serial number I think it’s 1987 (Y706........) 8 numbers after the letter.
  23. W

    Peugeot Racer

    Hi all, Picked up this in the last week, it's a bit small for me but rides ok. Sachs Huret gears and Weinmann brakes, more recent wheels and seat. Wondering who the signature might be on the frame, any ideas?
  24. Rebuild1961

    Peugeot carbolite rear derailer

    Hello. I have been off this site for some time. A year ago I started a complete rest on a carbolite. I cannot remember how to put the rear derailler back on the dropout. Any help, tks.
  25. winjim

    70s / 80s Peugeot mixte

    Currently sat gathering rust in my garage. Carbolite 103, looks to be mainly original parts although the brake calipers did disintegrate so I swapped them for some near identical ones from ebay. I seem to remember replacing the cables at some point. I did ride it for a bit, mainly for a laugh as...
  26. biggs682

    Peugeot PE20

    I had a message last week that a fairly local person was getting rid of a very lightly used bike and was I interested. Well I managed to find time this morning to go and see it . My first thought was to use the parts to get another one of my projects completed but this looks to good for...
  27. F

    wheels for a peugeot grand tourisme

    With the intention of doing the Eroica I have acquired a 1980's peugeot in a wheel-free state. From a little preliminary web research the original wheels appear to have been 700c with an atom rear drum brake, the frame has retained the original mafac rim brakes. I would be grateful on any advice...
  28. DCLane

    SOLD: Peugeot Course Record du Monde - 57cm - £75 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire

    This is a Peugeot Course Record du Monde Super Sport - frame tag 123 on the base - which has been re-sprayed with different decals from a Peugeot Super Competition, albeit about the same date of 1979-1981. Decals applied May 2018. Size: 57cm centre top of seat tube, top tube 57cm - fits me fine...
  29. DCLane

    2nd new arrival : Peugeot Course du Monde or is it?

    This afternoon I bid, won and collected a Peugeot Course Record du Monde, or what's believed to be one. Resprayed with only '123' underneath the frame as badging. Came with Alesa rims, Campag rear hub and Stronglight cranks it's a mixture of items, with ITM stem and Champion bars. Tyres are new...
  30. gds58

    1990's Peugeot Cyclocross Bike Reynolds 531 Campagnolo Chorus 8 speed

    For sale is a Vintage Peugeot Cyclocross CX bike from around 1995. Size is 56cm or 22.5" in old money. The frame is a genuine Peugeot CX frame built with Reynolds 531 tubing which has had a recent refurbishment. It was shot blasted back to bare metal and re-enamelled in a deep purple colour with...
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