1. K

    Rose CGF3000 size 59, full 11 speed Ultegra, fantastic condition. EXTRA PHOTOS- Price reduced £600

    With a heavy heart it’s time to move my Rose on. I’ve owned this since 2017 and it’s a beautiful, incredibly lightweight bike, definitely well under 8kg. Full Ultegra with no bits swapped to cut costs, Selle Italia saddle, carbon seatpost, recent 11/32 cassette and chain 50/34 chainset...
  2. K

    Rose Reveal Ultegra disc 59cm

    Too many bikes so selling what is a very rare bike, in this country at least. I bought this in February 2020 very shortly after they were released and very shortly after that Rose stopped delivering to the UK. So rare I’ve yet to see another one in this country. Here are a couple of reviews...
  3. gavroche

    Rose bikes

    Just read on Bike Radar that Rose bikes are pulling out of the UK market for all new orders and spare parts as well, claiming Brexit is making it impractical to carry on trading in the UK.
  4. Rockster57

    ***Sold***ROSE Multistreet 4 Touring/Treking/Adventure Bicycle - Unused 2015 Bike

    ***SOLD*** This is the first of two bikes I'm putting up for sale. I had grand plans for both so it’s with mixed emotions I'm letting these go. I’ve finally had to face up to the fact that the luxury of time I was striving for just isn’t happening. This one you see here is the MultiStreet 4...
  5. Pale Rider

    Farewell Rose

    Rose will no longer ship bikes to the UK - for the time being. A note on the site largely blames our right hand/front brake regulation, which is nothing new, and looks a weedy excuse to me. It's possible their build capacity has been reduced by Covid, which they don't mention directly, but do...
  6. smokeysmoo

    [SOLD] Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch. Rose Gold with Apple Pencil and Case.

    Only selling due to network upgrade. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch, (A1709), Wi-Fi + Celluar 64GB in Rose Gold Supplied fully boxed with: Genuine Apple Pencil, boxed with spare tip. Case with pencil holder. USB power lead The iPad has always been in the case and always had a screen protector on...
  7. Welsh wheels

    Rose bikes

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a new road bike and I'm looking at the Rose Pro SL with interest. Not an especially well-known brand it seems but they seem to garner good reviews. Does anyone own a Rose bike? Would you recommend the brand?
  8. S

    Rose Knowledge.

    So we have lived in our current abode circa 30 years and down one side of the front lawn there has always been six roses which despite my best efforts come back year after year. Anyway rose number 3 is small white petals and has been for aforementioned 30 years. So deadheading today and lo and...
  9. Dave7

    Rose Experts.... another question for you.

    As I said previously, for the first time ever I am trying to look after our roses. Today I noticed some black spot on the leaves plus some tiny creepy crawlies on the buds. So.....I sprayed them with a well known brand. The instructions say......twice a year maxinum 30 minutes later the rain...
  10. Dave7

    A Specific Climbing Rose question (or two).

    So I went to Bents (a large, popular garden centre outside Warrington). I told the expert that my requirements were..... Quick growing To cover 6' x 6' trellis Plenty of cover. Repeat flowering She recommended one called Dublin Bay and told me.. ..... 1. By june it will be half way up the...
  11. K

    Rose Cgf Xeon Team size 59 with fantastic upgrades

    Having decided that discs are the way forward for me, my beautiful little used Rose is up for sale. It is in fantastic condition with easily less than 2000 miles on it, full Ultegra with 50/34 chainset, 11/32 cassette. Selle italia saddle, Ritchey stem, Rose carbon seatpost. I'm 6'2 for...
  12. smokeysmoo

    Apple iPhone 7 - 32GB - Rose Gold 3. A1778.

    Listed on flebay HERE but as usual I'm open to offers from CC'ers.
  13. Dave7

    A rose bush question (as I know nout about gardening)

    When buying a rose yoi get what yoi pay for ? Situation is......for our recent 50th anniversary we were given two bushes (by different people). After clearing a patch I have dug it over adding plenty of compost and feed then planted them.....both are doing well. Now I have decided to...
  14. Dave7

    Garden Rose Growers......urgent advice wanted

    Situation is............ 1. We are not good gardeners. 2. Its our 50th anniversary this week. My s.i.l has told us that they have bought us a "special" rose and wish to bring & plant it on Monday. Its called the Golden Anniversary Rose Problem/question....... The supplier advised it needs to be...
  15. mjr

    England : Norfolk Rose Fair Ride, Sat 1 July

    Once again, we're riding from King's Lynn to - this and the February snowdrop ride were the two that started the "flower cycle" of KLWNBUG rides that now includes a daffodil ride, a tulip ride and I forget what else. About 40 miles, 10am start from Lynnsport, which is...
  16. nickyboy

    Leeds-Scarborough 30 September 2017: The White Rose Classic

    It's on again Leeds to Scarborough We start at Leeds railway station 0900. Two route choices Flatter...about 85 miles and, for those that have done it, about the same climbing as the Manchester -Llandudno flatter route Hiller....not sure yet but will be a bit further, about 90 miles and...
  17. W

    New bike for £2000 - Rose vs Canyon

    Hi there I'm looking to get a new bike to replace my Specialised Tricross Sport - something a bit faster and lighter! Looking to spend about £2,000. Had come up with these two options: The Rose Xeon Team CGD-3000
  18. smokeysmoo

    [SOLD] iPhone 6s. 16GB in Rose Gold.

    In mint condition, has a glass screen protector fitted and has always been used in a cover. Fully boxed it comes with the original USB lead and mains charger and brand new unopened Apple ear buds. There are 9 different covers included with the phone. All aimed at the younger female market TBH...
  19. Motozulu

    Rose Granite Chief 2, 2014, medium. 900 pounds. NOW SOLD!

    Selling my beloved Chief to fund a fat bike. Priced low for quick sale. 150mm travel front and rear. Owned from new and lovingly cared for. Upgrades from stock include a Sunrace MX-3 11-42 cassette/works component oval-narrow wide 30t chain ring combo, new this summer. New Magic Mary/Nobby Nic...
  20. Cyclone1

    Rose Owners Opinion Sought

    Hi All, It's been a while since I've posted, but have just ordered a Rose X-Lite road bike and was wondering what other Rose owners opinions are of their bikes. I've done a fair bit of research and am lucky to have viewed a couple of Rose bikes in the flesh. However it's always good to hear...
  21. Montydog

    White Rose Classic.....Yorkshire!!

    :sweat: this looks like it could be fun:heat: :bicycle:
  22. Joffey

    Buying a Garmin from Rose Bikes - Online?

    Anyone purchased anything from the German company Rose Bikes? Are they trustworthy? Thanks in advance!
  23. toontra

    Rose Xeon or X-Lite anyone?

    I'm thinking of buying a Rose and have narrowed it down to one of these two: ROSE X-LITE CRS-4400 or ROSE XEON CRS-4400 The X-Lite is a few grammes lighter and £180 more for the same spec. I was wondering if anyone has either of these and could report on the ride quality. I'm after something...
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