1. middleagecyclist

    *SOLD* Lezyne Strip Rear 150 USB light

    Recent prezzie. Never used. Like new. £16.00 inc p&p
  2. tincaman

    Lezyne 600XL front light, USB, SOLD

    Little used in good condition with usb cable Good solid light. £20 including postage
  3. nickAKA

    To USB, or not to USB...?

    After toiling with a cheapo tempremental light set for the last god knows how long, I'm going to bite the bullet and buy some better ones. I'll be riding well lit roads in the winter daylight gloom so I don't require 1m candle power, I just require something reliable, as in clip-on as required &...
  4. Chris S

    Booting from a USB stick and internet security

    I was going to install Lubuntu on my Windows 10 machine as a dual-boot. However Lubuntu will install and boot from a USB stick (and be internet-ready) in less than 30 seconds. Am I correct in thinking that any malware I might access will be lost as soon as I shutdown my computer? The hard disk...
  5. Tommy2

    CD to USB without itunes

    Just got a new car that has no CD player so need to copy everything on to usb, I'm not a fan of iTunes, what do other people use to do this, I know there will be stuff on the laptop like Windows media player but wonder if anybody uses anything quicker/easier to do it. Thanks
  6. Shaun

    Bontrager Ion 700 R USB (or suggestions for rechargeable front lights around £80 mark)

    My Hope front light has always been a bit hit 'n' miss as to whether it will work in high power mode, and somewhat unreliable in general, so I'm looking to replace it with a USB rechargeable front light. I've looked at a few and the Bontrager Ion 700 R USB Front Light seems to do well in...
  7. J

    Izone arc 600 - USB rechargable

    Never used - £20 posted via paypal gift
  8. grellboy

    Usb cable for Garmin

    Keep losing Garmin lead. Find the occasional old usb lead but they never seem to work. Can I buy a geeneric replacement from somewhere like Wilko?
  9. slowmotion

    USB hubs

    I need to get a mains powered USB hub. I don't play computer games so lightning speed isn't much of an issue. I'll just connect a printer, mice, keyboard, an MP3 player etc and charge my bike lights, cameras, and extremely stupid phone. The usual guff. Do I really need a USB 3.0 hub? I can...
  10. goo_mason

    ROCKBROS T6 Cree 3-Mode 1200LM Bike Light review

    Rockbros USB Bike Light Please note that I was sent this light by GearBest in exchange for an honest review, and I ran the light on my bike during my daily commutes in all Edinburgh weathers for three weeks to give it a good shakedown before writing this. Link to buy: Rockbros USB Bike...
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