3 November - Veteran Car Run 2019 London to Brighton

A late (ish) reminder to all regulars, infrequents and anyone else who has not previously attended and would like a lovely day out - all are welcome.

Apparently there are 15 registered veteran cycles this year.

I will be there at some stage, some time, somewhere, (south of Crawley), provided the weather stays clement. Am fed up with all the recent rain, altho' last few years have been dry, if slightly chilly.
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Aha..you beat me to making this thread. Both myself and @rb58 will be there. Probably starting from Purley.


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I'd love to, but I'm in Copenhagen that weekend. However, from past experience, the best bit is Croydon to Gatwick.
Certainly the run into Brighton is a bit shoot.

Gordon P

There's no Calvados? I'll have a beer or a whisky
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Wife's away, there's the idea of a 100km audax from Witham on the Saturday as a warm up: watch the weather forecast!


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Okay. I'll be at East Croydon station from about 8.30am, ready to roll away at 9.00am. Unless it's p*ssing down, in which case, I'll be in bed.
Those in the know, suggest a 8.30am roll away from East Croydon is a better option. So, I'll be there from around 8.15am. If the weather is super nice, I may go to HPC and come down from there. If it's super bad, I shall be in bed.


You missed the bit about beer. Build up to the RWC starts at 9am and celebration/mourning finishes at around 9pm
Actually I didn't miss it, just couldn't understand what difference it makes. Even if you overindulge on saturday resulting in a mild overhang on sunday, what better way to treat it than a lovely, gentle ride down to the coast in the refreshing, revitalising autumnal air with friendly CC folk.

p.s. you're not a kiwi or south african are you?
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