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Dave B

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I've just bought a new Trek 7.3FX and wanted to change the quick release wheels to skewers. So far I've had no luck. Apparantly the standard rear wheel skewer is not long enough. The Trek dealer couldn't help. I feel there must be longer skewers to cater for this. If I can't sort this I'll have to get a long chain and thread it through both wheels and frame . Too much bother eh!!. Has any body had this problem and overcome it? If so I would appreciate a solution. Thanks for your time Dave B


Easier solution - lock your rear triangle and wheel to the post using a D lock. Alternatively just lock the rear wheel to the post BUT in the part enclosed by the rear triangle - you can't remove a wheel that way so it's secure. You can then use antitheft skewers on the front or alternatively just get a £10 cable lock to lock the front wheel and frame.

Not many thieves are prepared to hack through 2 locks, even if one is only a cheapish one. It's all about time, and they want to be in and out in seconds.
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