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Any Runners On Here??

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Richard A Thackeray, 1 Sep 2012.

  1. My nature, at this time of year, is more like this fellow, before he suffered from chest pains

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  2. Marmion

    Marmion Guru

    I think I might need to go back to the docs, no sign of much improvement to my ankle (after 2 months) which continues to swell up even after gentle spinning on the turbo trainer - I did a few spins last week and one this week just to see how it would react - and my knee continues to click like a clicky thing. Bollocking bollocks...
  3. coldash

    coldash Über Member

    don't know about the knee but I had a similar problem, and still do to an extent, with my ankle. I was later told that it should have been put in a cast to immobilise it. Too late now and I still have to be careful to build up slowly after the winter
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  4. Offically; 40th/232 @ 24:13

    I should, all being well, be running this, after a couple of years away from it (seem to get injured at that time!!!)
    Sunday 15th January (only £4.00 'on the day')

    Found this 'trailer', not seen it before:okay:

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  5. Stephenite

    Stephenite Membå

    Bollocks indeed. Second and third opinions are (almost) always a good thing.
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  6. There was an extra ParkRun, at Pontefract this morning

    A change was made to the course though, instead of the usual lap of lake, lap of race-course, lap of lake, it was an 'out & back' around part of the race-course
    Apparantly, it's the longest 'flat' course in the Country

    Started well back again, after talking to friends, & couldn't actually move for a couple of seconds
    Rather oddly, I took exactly the same time, as yesterday at Wakefield (if quite a few places adrift)
    65th/215 @ 24:13

    Saw a few runners (& riders) that I've not seen for a while, such as Mick & Angela (very good triathlete/duathlete, respectively) & Mark (who was a top-10, in his age-group in Mexico, at the ITU event earlier this year - when Jonny Brownlee went wobbly)
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  7. smutchin

    smutchin Cat 6 Racer

    The Red Enclave
    Boxing Day on the fells with Northern Lakes running club. Grim conditions meant the original plan to run up Carrock Fell was curtailed - instead we took a more direct route to the Lingy Hut where we stopped for champagne and mulled wine...

    Me outside the hut with Blencathra in the distance: IMG_4266.JPG

    Opening the bubbly: IMG_4267.JPG

    From there it was up to the top of High Pike - lashed by 40mph winds and hail. Then it was downhill all the way to the finish - which is quite interesting with a 40mph tailwind...

    10km in total. 386m of climbing. Feeling a bit battered now but very glad I did it, even though my lack of fitness meant I struggled to keep up at times. Good honest Type 2 fun.
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  8. runner

    runner Veteran

    Unfortunately my running has had to be curtailed due to osteoarthritis in hip...so that will mean a lot more cycling...however I plan on running this little beast on New Years Eve :smile:....the Glastonbury Tor dash!!

    running events with a difference..i'll prob take a few pics when I reach the Tor
  9. Garry A

    Garry A Smiling cyclist.

    After my leg got better last week I managed a few runs, now I'm bunged up with a cold. I'll be back to square one at this rate.
  10. Wife & daughter asked me to register them. as part of the (as per each year.....) new year 'get fit'/'lose weight' campaign
    Have done so

    Ball. Their. Court. Now^_^

    Joanne (SWMBO) has already asked which is flattest of the local PRs - all 3 have varying gradients, but I've suggested Nostell Priory first, as it's downhill not long after the start
    Granted, daughter is still at School, so has PE twice(??) a week
    Liz,* the Games Tutor does include Orienteering, in the school grounds, so Amelia's quite enjoying that at the moment (whether it's taking her mind off the physical side of it, or the mental challenge of finding tags, I have no idea?)

    It won't be this weekend. that they have their inaugural visit, as I'm on 'day-turn' Saturday & Sunday, but I have warned them, that I'm working a 'late-turn' on Satuday 7th:okay:

    * Liz, who is also a very good Triathlete, rode the Womens race in the 'Tour de Yorkshire' this year, as part of the team she's in
    (not sure about an entry this year, when I last spoke with her, as she's changed teams)
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  11. GrumpyGregry

    GrumpyGregry More gruff than grumpy

    West Sussex
    parkrun, Christmas Eve, turkey timings precluded the trip to Cranleigh on Christmas morning to do theirs, a couple of 5km twiddles during the week, then parkrun Saturday in Horsham as normal, then a Horsham and Crawley (Tilgate) parkrun double yesterday. 100 parkruns is in touching distance.
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  12. flatflr

    flatflr Über Member

    Just over here
    Kicked the year off today (a day late as peeing down here on the 1st) with a 7 miler today.

    Pleased that I didn't put on any weight over the holidays but sure a week skiing from the 20th to the 27th helped with that.
  13. The Rover

    The Rover Über Member

    My shoulder injury has all but stopped me getting out recently but after getting on the scales yesterday I was " prompted " to get out so took the dogs for an easy 4 miler. Titled it " move your arse fatty " on strava!
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  14. flatflr

    flatflr Über Member

    Just over here
    5 1/2mile road run this evening, damn it was chilly, maybe that's why I was a little quicker than normal.

    Hope that a lot of the runners that I saw this evening will still be at it in a couple of months.
  15. Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    Ran 6.8km yesterday, very nippy.

    Ran with a group tonight, 11.5km much warmer.

    Can't find my cycling gear for tomorrow morning :sad: