anybody ever bought an ex team GB bike through BCF?

mr Mag00

mr Mag00

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well i took the plunge and bought some mtb wheels, inc tyres, cassette and discs.


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good for you, I've never bought anything directly from BC as they only ever have track Bikes. But the classified section has some good bargains


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You'll get a hard ridden but looked after bike though ! Better than an unknown something on ebay......

Doesn't matter what the idiot spent on a bike new, unless they look after it...

Had the misfortune to spend a few weeks with a guy (50 odd year old - didn't like me a youngster of 38 having spent the last 22 years welded to a bike) He was a recent convert to bikes who thought he knew it all - had a Scott MTB - XTR Carbon thingy - very nice top of the range.. and wore Scott kit all the time - you see a trend here folks....... asked me what chain lube I use......

Finish line Professional Dry Lube I say..... he says "sounds expensive".. "erm you have a top of the bolloxx Scott".......".....I use GT85"

That explains why his chainset/chain and cassette wore out. ...talking some pounds here folks.......XTR shoot, wore out on a new bike cos the idiot won't use proper lube.... or look after the thing.... "I take it to the bike shop for a service" still needs a clean and drive chain system clean.....

The cheeky bugger took the piss for me wearing a helmet....I was too polite to tell him to do one....


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All the BCF ones always seem built for giants.
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