Anyone been brave enough to cycle in this cold snap


It's been a pretty cold few days here in the UK. Each day I've thought about venturing out for a ride, but soon changed my mind once I feel how raw it is.
Anybody here been braver than me


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Turbos were invented for days like these.


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Usually 8 miles (each way) commute. Took a detour on the way home, which made it nearer 25 coming back. I had to run my fingers under the cold tap to thaw them out when I got home. Today has been optimal fat-bike conditions. :hyper:


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Did a short 8 miler today to collect Mrs D's prescription. Cold alright, but im a big unit and within 5 minutes was glowing nicely.


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Turbos were invented for days like these.
I thought the OP was asking about cycling, rather than partaking of some form of indoor exercise?

I've been out a few times for short local rides on my old MTB with it's Schwalbe spiked tires fitted.
The roads looked fairly dry on Saturday despite the cold so I set off on the Croix de Fer intending to do a 24 mile loop. That all changed when I hit the biting easterly wind; I could hardly draw breath, the wind was so cold! Six miles later I was back home. :sad:.


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Went out today. Actual -1°C with a nominal wind chill of -6°C. I dressed for it and stayed warm throughout - quite enjoyed it actually, except the last few minutes where the snow increased and was that small, grainy type which stung a bit in the face.
Was out a couple of days ago, did 24 miles. Average -1°C and snowing, but not heavily enough to lie. It was all good. Snowed heavily last night, and then froze over. I don't have suitable tyres nor the clearance for them so I'll be off the bike until it thaws. I'm certain that the main roads will be clear but I have about half a mile of compacted snow before I get to them and I don't fancy it on 23mm road tyres.
Plus the salty, slushy meltwater on the main roads sticks to everything.
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