Anyone else found mini pumps to be unreliable?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by night cycler, 5 Feb 2018.

  1. Over the last couple of years, I have owned two different mini pumps. Both of them have failed in the first year.

    Ironically these pumps had very little use before failing, because they were basically only used in an emergency except maybe 2 or 3 occasions testing them when first aquired.

    (I have a blow Joe floor pump for topping up tyre pressures at home as and when required, and it is excellent. I also use it when repairing tubes at home).

    Although others will probably not agree with me, I am now of the opinion that mini pumps are simply not fit for pupose. I can only speak as I find.

    To make matters worse, the latest saga is an 18 mile round trip drive to the cycle shop & back to drop the pimp off. The pump has to be sent away to the suppliers- estimated time 2 - 3 weeks. Then another 18 mile round trip to collect "an item that I no longer have confidence in" in terms of relying on it in an emergency. Plus, cycling without a pump now, and relying on my C02 inflators.

    In the grand scale of things happening in life, it is small fry.

    I remember when you could buy a cheap plastic pump for under a fiver and it was fine. If it eventually packed up you just threw it away, or maybe put another washer in it. Lol.
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  2. Drago

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  3. I like Skol

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  4. Will Spin

    Will Spin Senior Member

    Mini pumps are useless for pumping road bike tyres up. I use co2 bulbs for any roadside tyre emergency.
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  5. I recently bought the Pro Bike Tool Mini Floor Bike Pump from Amazon. I have had quite a few mini pumps and they all seem like hard work. However this pump is a little bit bigger than a mini pump and is brilliant. It works very well, has a good T grip to get hold of and a foot like a track pump.
  6. YukonBoy

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    I tried inflating my bike with a mini pump. Not fit for that purpose.
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  7. MontyVeda

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    a couple have been poor but mostly they've been fine. I try not to spend more than a tenner on a pump. I did once and the shrader fitting is so damn tight i simply don't use it... that was a waste of £22.
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  8. Vantage

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    Some pumps, like anything else really, are just plain crap. Others are just brilliant.
    I managed to squeeze 100psi into a club mates rear tyre with my Bontrager Mini Charger after his Topeak PocketRocket (or something) disinegrated in his hands.
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  9. MikeG

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    No, they're perfectly reliable. You can always rely on them to fail to inflate your tyres properly. If you're OK with 20lbs in your tyres, you might take a different view.
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  10. Smokin Joe

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    Leyzene mini pumps are the business, full pressure on a road tyre with little effort.
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  11. vickster

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    This ^^ even for a crocked weakling like me
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  12. johnnyb47

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    I too have found them disappointing. My current one has a built in pressure gauge ,and only yesterday the clear plastic cover over the needle decided to fall off whilst out on the bike.
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  13. ianrauk

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    Spot on.
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  14. wajc

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