asparagus, how to cook it.


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I have bought some fresh English asparagus today from the market. I like it when I have eaten it in resturants, but have never cooked it. how? Ideas please.:tongue:


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My wife steams it. I just eat it. :tongue:


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Break off the woody bit of the stem by gently bending the spear until it snaps. (Compost the woody end). Then I either steam it for approx 5 mins, gently boil it for a couple of mins or you could even drop it onto a very hot griddle with a little butter and turn it several times. As it cooks you will get some niced caramelised bits of stem.
Don't burn it.
Don't let it over cook if boiling or steaming and dress it with butter to serve.
I even add it into chicken risotto chopped up, near the end of cooking so it doesn't go mushy.


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Kirstie said:
Hollandaise sauce is lovely with asparagus
:tongue: I was in Germany a couple of weeks back, and we had asparagus, with enough hollandaise to drown a rat in....:tongue:

Tip: if you can't be bothered with making a proper hollandaise ( like mayonnaise, with lemon in), my Mum has a 'quick' recipe. Make up some bechamel (white sauce) and add an egg yolk and lemon juice - stir quickly to prevent the egg scrambling in the hot sauce.


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I'll be having asparagus tonight too. Boiled for a couple of minutes and served with butter.

The ensuing fragrance of my urine is not something that I'm looking forward to though.

Still, I'm prepared to suffer for the chance to indulge in the epecurian pleasures of the green spears.
Sorry, you're all wrong.
The ships professional, 'the cook', prefers the boil it until limp. Then boil it some more, until all the colour has gone. This must be done well in advance of serving to give it chance to go cold. Boil again to warm before serving and leave on a plate so its cold by the time the last of the crew get to the front of the queue.

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