bib tights or shorts that hide your junk

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by double0jedi, 1 Mar 2018.

  1. Foghat

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    Well that argument applies in all manner of circumstances to any part of anyone's anatomy, but it's certainly no grounds to pressure a cyclist into wearing an alternative to normal cycling shorts. I find it incredibly easy not to look at people's crotches, unless I wish to. Why do all these other people find it so difficult rather than be sensible and adult about it?

    Of course he can feel uncomfortable with the unwanted attention, and to seek advice on measures to reduce the unwarranted focus on the area in question if that is his preference. I haven't said anything that suggests otherwise. He's the one with grounds to feel aggrieved here after all - not the crotch-fixators. Everything I've said has been directed at people who think they are somehow entitled to focus and comment on it, and pressure a cyclist to change their clothing, when all he's doing is minding his own business as he traverses his workplace.
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  2. As to shorts for summer DHB Navo are good lightweight cycling shorts. Less hefty than Hummvees.

    They're not exactly baggy, but they aren't racing gear, so no good if your priority is to dress as a pro racing cyclist.
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  3. Foghat

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    Off-topic?....are you mad?

    OP posts about being made to feel uncomfortable by people giving unwarranted attention to his crotch, which is concealed by normal cycling shorts (and cycling shorts aren't really all that revealing of course) but nevertheless is apparently still too interesting or noteworthy for idiots to ignore, or could, god forbid, be accidentally glimpsed by someone too delicate to cope. Some posters then jump in, sparking further discussion, by telling, or implying to, the forum that cyclists have a duty to wear baggy clothing if their co-workers can't, or are unwilling to, control their instinct to check out other people's crotches - this could potentially cause the OP or others to feel unnecessary and unwarranted guilt, or that there is an onus on them to accommodate the objectors' and commenters' inappropriate behaviour. I tell those posters that this is unreasonable, illogical and unacceptable in the context of cyclists walking through workplaces, and remind them that the real onus is on the co-workers to behave appropriately, explaining do others. Not remotely off-topic, regardless of how the OP decides to address the problem, which as you say is his prerogative to choose from the options.
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  4. I've just taken some time to actually read through the thread, instead of just responding to the OP.

    Weird :wacko:
  5. winjim

    winjim A youth of interminable age

    It's a bit of fun.
    I can clearly see your nuts...
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  6. Enough men have - uninvited and unwelcome - deliberately shown me their naked and semi-erect penis that I will continue to be thankful to those who don't.
  7. Milzy

    Milzy Über Member

    I wish I had that problem of Linford Christie. I’d be getting bibs to show it off even more if I was the OP.
  8. swansonj

    swansonj Guru

    Compare and contrast the last two posts.
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  9. We'll have none of that comparing and contrasting here thanks.
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  10. Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    There must be no discernible biological sex of, or amongst, the workforce. We must all become non-human automata. It is the only way to preserve our principles, our humanity.
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  11. OP

    double0jedi Well-Known Member

    East Devon
    Wow! I have to say (even at work) my crotch has never been the point of so much interest! ( ooh err Missus!)

    I feel the need to clarify a couple of things. I choose to wear lycra because I find it practical and comfortable when on the bike. I only have a very short walk through the building to where I can shower and change. I would feel that getting off the bike to then put on shorts would be much more of a faff than it would be worth. Also I don't like baggy stuff when I'm riding, I find that the lycra does what it is intended to do when I'm on the bike, but the pros and cons of lycra over normal clothes is a subject for a whole other thread.

    I don't think my wearing of cycle shorts or tights has ever made anyone uncomfortable, if it has then it certainly was not my intension to do so. The comments aimed at me have always been from very good work mates, both male and female, and I have always taken them in jest. I haven't said that I was bullied or have I ever felt under pressure from everyone else to cover up. I have never mentioned it to my colleagues because for me to do so would make more of an issue of it for everyone than I feel it needs to be. The comments are not meant with malice and if I were to say anything about it I feel that it would suddenly make everyone feel uncomfortable every time they see me dressed for cycling.

    The purpose of my post was because I have a few different pairs of shorts and tights, one of which has a much bigger pad at the front that covers everything. Other sets of attire in my range don't cover things quite so well. I just would rather everything were nicely packed away so that in the event that any comments are made I am confident that my penis isn't semi revelled to the non-cycling community. I'm sure given the choice, regardless of the circumstances, most men would choose not to reveal everything they have to the world.......Well there are a few who do but most of them have an injunction or some kind of court order against them,
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  12. Tin Pot

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    Yeah, but you like showing off your cock.
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  13. Foghat

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    Of course, but this is a thread about cyclists who are going about legitimate everyday business and already wearing shorts which aren't actually particularly revealing anyway. @vickster should be along with an off-topic-new-thread recommendation soon.....
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  14. OP

    double0jedi Well-Known Member

    East Devon
    Apparently so.

    But to be fair it's probably not worth showing off!!
  15. numbnuts

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    North Baddesley
    In the naturist world we don't look at breast or crotch areas male or female we just make eye contact, it just goes to show “so called normal people are all perverts” :laugh:
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