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Hi There

I am looking for a basic entry level bike for triathlons. My options (given my budget) appear to be a Trek 1.5 or Specialised Allez Elite both of which come in around £800.

I am told by one source that the Trek is a faster bike but another source says that at the lower end of the price range Specialised bikes are far superior to Treks (the other way round at the top of the range).

Any other options that I should be considering or advice on my dilemna?



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St Neots , Cambs
Check out Boardman racers, they really are a nice bit of kit, they are very light and come with better gear then specialized and Trek for the same money + they look stunning in the flesh.

yes i know its halfords that sell them but ignore that and just get your LBS to give it the once over should you buy one and dont take it back to halfords for the service, there bike staff are usually not trained to well but the bikes themselves are a really nice ride and good quality.

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