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Sheffield, UK
Reading your posts is always a treat sir, but your latest in Mexico City was an absolute gem. I had no impression whatsoever of what it might be like. Since I would never be likely to visit, I've simply never spared it a moment's thought. After reading your post I'd now love to explore, experience and savour some of the many delights you describe.

It sounds like it's totally captured your heart and I completely understand why you're keen to tarry a while. What a wonderfully serendipitous discovery. If this catastrophic situation had not developed and you'd not been obliged to change your plans. And if you'd not found sanctuary with these particular hosts. What then? Carpe diem 👍


Central Texas
A six street junction controlled by traffic lights … A mass of cables and power lines, seemingly in a massive tangle … Trees. Everywhere trees! … And smiles. So many smiles … experiencing an earthquake … Mexico City has happened to me … I've fallen, and fallen hard, for this place.

Parks … squirrels … architecture … people … Centro Historico … monuments … the city is so alive … road noise … vender noise … people noise … museums … big puddles … dodgy surfaces … making up my own spanish course … adventurous for sure!

… for a city of this size, at a time of such crisis, it is incredibly welcoming!

I took hardly any photos simply because I didn't need to. I have the most precious gift of time and I'll be back again.
I wanted to reply to so many different things ... such a good post! :notworthy:

Thank you again for sharing your pictures and narratives of your adventures.

Thanks @IaninSheffield and @cwskas for the compliments 😊

I'm the worst judge of my efforts, but I'm enjoying it! Wandering around this great city the words are are piling up in my poor brain! Some of them even are Spanish words ^_^

You're absolutely right, Ian, about the serendipity of the situation. So many ifs and so many positives. I'm incredibly lucky!
But isn't that touring in a nutshell?
Hope for the best
Prepare for the worst
Be happy with what you get.
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