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I am well aware that a helmet will not save me in a serious collision just like a well designed vehicle with SIP is not going to help its occupants in a serious collision.

I use helmets selectively such as long rides, events, urban traffic and trails. Not for the run to the supermarkets or what I call freedom rides where the rides are slow and scenic , wind against the face.

When I don the helmet, it does couple of things
  • Peace of mind for me and my loved ones even if its more placebo than anything else
  • Not to regret not having the helmet when a simple fall results in serious consequences
  • When kids and young adults are part of the ride.
Then the bandana rides with the usual suspects. Occasionally breaking the principle here, but hell, one has to live dangerously occasionally.


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Personal choice until legislation says otherwise. Hopefully legislation will not get in the way of this personal choice.
I always wear one but I sometimes, when doing a short run I wonder if I should bother. Yet the stats seem to show that it is when you are doing a slow short ride that you are most likely to come off and need a helmet. Leave it as and individuals choice and hope helmet design improves.
It's only the helmet evangelists who relish lurid and graphic death fantasies. There is something wrong with people like that.


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I'm on the fence with this one, if I'm honest.

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The things is that it's not been done by everyone, so each time some one wants to look into it they shouldn't be battered for it.

A couple of stickies for the for and against movements would be best, IMO.
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