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Norven Mankey
About to receive some replacement SPD-SL cleats. My current cleats were fitted instore in an apparently "neutral" position.
I noticed that the right pedal crank has a slight rub on it, see this photo

Although I never notice it while riding, presumably my right foot points outwards slightly, causing my right heel to catch the crank.

So bearing in mind the above, what should I do regarding the cleat position?


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Nothing. If you are comfy with the cleat and have no problems. Then leave as is.
I also have the same problem, and looking at other cyclists, a lot of others do to.


Norven Mankey
Move the shoe outwards to the right, (cleat inwards to the left) leave the angle as is.
Hmmm...that makes sense. The cleats feel comfy now (although they are worn so are a bit wobbly) so I could try moving the cleat as you say and see how it feels. I never notice the rub so of course if moving the cleat inwards a bit feels uncomfortable then I'll go back to the neutral position and live with the rub.

I have slender dancer's ankles FWIW ^_^


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Pedal washer/s, if your pedal spindle is long enough. Usually one or two washers are OK (BTW shop bought 'pedal washers' are are ludicrously expensive bits of metal, just use standard washers - I used M14 x 20 x 1.5 aluminum washers from,uk)


I was right about that saddle
My lovely Ultegra badge has also rubbed off :sad:


Norven Mankey
So I've gone for neutral again, see how it goes. There didn't seem to be an option of lateral movement, only back-forward. It's interesting that these are considerably tighter than the old worn ones, even when the worn ones were new. Unclipping is going to take a bit of getting used to again, fear the worst


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My right foot rubs the crank too, so I fitted clear crank skins to prevent cosmetic damage.

I've got a bike fit tomorrow at Cadence though so will be interesting to see if and what Adrian changes with regards to cleat positioning. That's if I can get there because it's forecast to snow all night!
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