Covid Vaccine: Direct experience of side effects


Slightly off topic about side effects.

My employer had the policy that all Covid vaccines have mild and transient side effects so if you felt crap after a jab and felt you couldn't go into work you either had to take annual leave or be tagged as taking unauthorised absence....

They have decided now that some people do have side effects and may in exceptional circumstances allow 2 days sick leave.

Still under negotiation I believe

Craig the cyclist

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No its the fault of the council for taking up all the benches in the city.
If I had known how dizzy it made me I wouldn't have had the first one. TBH I think the whole thing is a load of exaggerated rubbish.
What is exaggerated rubbish? The vaccine, the virus or your side effects?


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Flu jab in December, first one .... no side effects.
Covid, February 2021 .... not a well bunny for 3 weeks.
1st and 2nd AZ jabs .... no side effects.

And a host of other vaccines given in and after military service .... no side effects.


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Sunday second jab.No side effects at all,I have even got stuck in to some serious gardening digging heavy clay soil and breaking it up twice,no arm aching or pain.
got the 2nd Moderna jab at 8:30am Thursday & during the overnight, into the early hours of Friday, I had some side effects. I soldiered on & went to work anyway & spent some time resting on the floor of my office w/ the door closed. couldn't wait to get back home & into bed. surprisginly I couldn't get back to sleep early, but rather my normal time. Saturday morning I sprang out of bed good as new & ready for anything

these were my side effects:
Thursday - sore arm
Thursday night into early Friday - woke during the night to pee more than normal, felt nauseous & unsure which "end" would be facing the toilet. turned out to be the regular end ... very little sleep.
Friday - woke with a migraine & was walking weakly, like my 93 yr olf father, body aches as-if I had been throwing up all night, you know tyhe muscle soreness from rapid extensive dehydration? had to work on the head ache all day long with advil & tylenol, cofee & water. I started feeling better & was able to drive to work. I was fine sitting down but every time I stood up the railroad spike it my head became apparent. but it improved
Friday night - after getting ready for bed I couldn't get comfortable because my skin was crawly, very similar to what you experience w/ a conventional flu. then my arms & legs got very itchy & I couldn't help but scratch my wrists & legs. then I saw that I had some bumpy hives. I added cream w/ discretion & was able to get to sleep & slept very well, in fact

funny story - we have to take our temperature to check in at our office & my temp has never been even 98 degrees F. (normal is supposed to be 98.6) well Friday, it was 98.2! whoopie!

get your shots ppl. get your shots


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First AZ vaccine some weeks ago...felt well enough to get through a work day but generally pretty carp, did virtually nothing, waste of time going really. Headache, aches, general lethargy.

Second one late last side effects at all.

Sore arm ?...yes of course but that's irrelevant IMO, someone jabbed a needle in you, of course it's going to be mildly sore. Of no consequence really.

I remember getting a flu jab for the first time in years....I felt truly awful the next day, unfit for work, terrible aches etc, much worse than the covid vaccine. There no logic in it, the flu jab shouldnt effect you, psychological perhaps ?


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First AZ vaccine about 6 weeks ago at about 2pm.
Shortly after the jab, a bit of mild nausea, slightly sore arm. Generally fine for the rest of the day, a little bit headachey.
Next day felt terrible, couldn't concentrate on anything, a bit shivery and apathetic. Appetite slightly reduced.
Next day - felt fine, sore arm. Soreness remained for a couple of days.

My wife had a similar pattern of symptoms, although she felt worse than me on the "day after" the jab. I did read an article which suggests that the younger you are, the more likely you are to suffer from side effects due to the way that the immune system works.

Either way, I would suggest that when you have your jab, you don't plan anything exciting for the following day!


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First AZ in February. Slightly sore arm but nothing to speak of. Second one yesterday and it’s floored me. Spent the morning in bed feeling like a full dose of man-flu. Starting to ease a bit now so will get up for some lunch. No nausea or other digestive disruption, just feel completely wiped out. Bit of a headache. I’m sure I’ll live 😃
the flu jab shouldnt effect you,
Just from first hit on Google.

What are the side effects of the flu jab?

  • Fever/shivering.
  • Headache.
  • Tiredness or drowsiness.
  • Redness, soreness, and swelling where you were injected. Sometimes this spot is itchy.
  • Muscle aches.
  • Nausea.
  • Feeling generally unwell or under the weather (malaise)
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