Cricket World Cup 2015 *spoilers*

The Aussies kick off the tournament with a 111 run victory, James Taylor the only shining light for England.

Boycott continues being a nobber (not really a spoiler that one)

Scotland take on NZ later in the day.


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Was that the 4th duck in 5 innings for Captain Morgan? I`m sure my lad mentioned it. Hat-trick for Finn. Well played JT.

The Jocks play NZ on Monday btw.
I've given up listening to Boycott. Ive no respect for that man - why he continues to be employed as a pundit is beyond me. I'd rather listen to Bernard Manning.
There are a couple great bits in Miles Jupp's "Fibber in the Heat" about Boycott which, I think, give an insight into Boycott's character.

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Australia are pretty good at the 50 over game but I don't hold out much hope for England.
I'm not sure if Morgan is good enough or not, but having such major doubts and criticisms of your captain can't help team morale and he missed the opportunity to shut the critics up with another duck.
NZ are the dark (all black, anyway) horses - I'll be supporting them when and if England get booted
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