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There are plenty of camera cyclists, just look on YouTube.
Oh my, trouble does seem to follow him, doesn't it.

Perhaps it follows me too, it's just that I never notice any aggro as I don't have a camera to remind me of it or a ruddy great hooter to rouse me from my enjoyment of cycling?
Don't you think that the BBC reporting of him is a bit dramatic to cause a negative response from others.

Words like vigilante, camera-clad, armed with three separate cameras.

However I don't think he helps himself either if he has been quoted correctly

"If people want to play with snakes, they have to accept they might get bitten," says Mr Sherry, one of a growing band of cyclists whose "bite" involves posting videos of poor driving on the internet."

Calls his horn the pacifier.

"It's like a minor war zone out there," says Mr Sherry, who drives buses in London. His call to arms came three years ago.

Why is much of this type of reporting made into some kind of war or battle, it really does not do anything towards drivers respecting cyclists as road users.

Is this part of a programme as Inside out is noted at the bottom of the page

Inside Out will be broadcast on BBC One in the east of England at 19:30 GMT on Monday and is available on iPlayer afterwards.
If this story is really a bit of advertisement for a programme, I can't see it going well. It will Probabley just cause a load more cycle hate from motorists.
No it wouldn't, because the BBC have a long history of slagging off cyclists and ignoring complaints:

They misrepresent RTCs and imply the cyclist was at fault, complaints were ignored:

Take their "Cycle Week" report last year. They studied ways to make cycling safer, so concentrated on earphones, implicated in not one single cyclists' death. Complaints were ignored:

They even devote time to slagging cyclists off cos they don't pay road tax:

On that occasion they didn't ignore complaints, they read some out then patronised the people who got in touch and dismissed the complaints.
I use a camera and had a few experiences, I don't tend to post much, only the ones I consider bad. However it has not been too bad so far. I've had a few bad ones but don't post because it's normally too dark to be of any use.

I have been hit by a car, who said it was my fault. His word against mine. It took me over a year to get it sorted. This is why I have a camera. I don't really want a year of stress again when a motorists claims it wasmy fault. If I had to camera then, then it probably would not taken so much effort to fight my corner.

From past history of these type of 'war on the roads' story'sand programmes, why do cyclists keep on giving interviews. I can understand if they think they are doing the right thing but the media just twist and manipulate it to make the cyclists Into stereotypical idiot cyclists and just cause more cycle hate.

I just wish that in these cases cyclists would stop been involved with these types of storys.
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