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Out on a bike ride and the weather is beautiful? Are you sheltering in a bus stop until the thunder storm has passed? Are you riding in the back end of nowhere and can see a funnel cloud heading toward you? Ridden to the top of a local hill and its started to snow?

Then take a pic, ideally including your bike, tells us where you are, and slap it on here for us to enjoy.
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An excuse to post one of my favourite memories - an autumn club run to Rivington Barn.
Alas one of the riders is no longer with us
AND no one is wearing lycra!

I would normally be out but I'm on child care duties this morning while my wife goes to the gym. She has the option of spinning or yoga - she is doing yoga :blink:.

Superb weather in Bristol though.


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@Sharky that picture reminds me of my Dad's old colour slides from climbing trips to Scotland or Wales. Canvas cagoules, tweed or cord breeches, wool socks, sweaters and hats.... in those days there was general outdoor attire but nothing specialised for cycling, skiing, climbing or whatever. I remember endless arguments over the merits of double ventile and Egyptian cotton. We used to walk in sou'westers and cycling capes until somebody called Peter Storm invented the nylon cagoule. That seemed a good idea until we realised it made you sweat like a horse and was likely to kill you if you slipped on an icy slope.


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Mrs CK is at work so im withthe kids , getting youngest to tidy her bedroom involved removing internet priviligies and its been raining most of the morning , garden parasol over whilry gig as i have 3 loads of washing out and i aint taking it down :smile:
Plans for the day include wallpapering , picking parcel up from depot and popping to chemist to pick up lads prescription
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