Cycling and Beer


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Two of my favourite things, but can I combine the two?

Beer in this instance however is the place, not the scrumptious alcoholic beverage.

Shall be spending a week in Beer at the end of the month and wondered if any of you venerable chaps and chapesses might know of some gentle cycling routes that I could take the family on.

LadyWayne isn't really much of a one for hills, and I'll be towing the Bean in his trailer.

Any pointers muchly appreciated.


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Where is Beer?


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I used to go to Branscombe next door to Beer (Dorset/devon border not far from Lyme Regis), from what I remember it's a bit hilly, depends what you are used to I suppose.
Wayne ... im assuming you'l be bringing the bikes with you and can load them into a car to get to a starting point for a flat ride ?

if yes ... then i'l sort you out with a nice back lane ride up through the river otter which is pretty flat and very scenic, i live about 20 minutes from Beer and ride along the Otter quite often



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Cheers dude - I'll await your response...:biggrin:

Sounds great.


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West Dorset
Beer is a nice place but probably a bit hilly for family cycling - if they're anything like my very reluctant family. I should abandon the cycling and spend the week at Branscome brewerey just along the coast. They make some fantastic ales - Draymans is particularly good. Beer quarry caves would also make a good family morning out, or of course there is the brewery. Lyme Regis is not far away but even more hilly, so you might like to just pass the week at Branscome Brewery. Hope this has been useful!

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Jerry Atrik said:
Beer is beautiful but your surrounded by hills , lots of hills !
Totally and utterly true. If I wanted to take the family cycling, the Jurrassic coast would be the last place... it's very lumpy. Good climb out of Lyme Regis though :biggrin:

When I were a lad my Grandfather was Chairman of Beer Sea Angling Club and I was it's youngest member.

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East Devon
Gently to Branscombe shouldn't be too bad, though your nearest and dearest might walk a couple of hills.
Towards Seaton it gets flatter, and you could explore north towards Colyford and Colyton. If you don't mind moderately busy roads, continue through Seaton towards Axmouth, Musbury, Axminster and beyond - the Axe Valley, so not too steep.
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