Cycling can RUIN Women's Bodies


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No idea by browser refuses to open up the link it claims it is a dangerous site to which I can't disagree
I must be missing something. What was wrong with the article itself ?
Because it isn't really news.

For the vast majority of people cycling will improve your overall health.

The problems discussed do exist - but there are options to address them, bike fit, stretches, and gym work.


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This has been widely reported in the past (In reference to pros / endurance riders) and not by the DM


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I'm not sure why the word 'ruin' warrants capital letters. IIRC this issue has been discussed here before. I understand that it is a real issue with some pro riders even having to resort to labiaplasty. How much of a problem it is for the average female cyclist I don't know but... I'm a bloke so it's not really for me to say.
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