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Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Matthew_T, 24 Jul 2012.

  1. Matthew_T

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

    The title is a bit misleading so I will elaborate:
    I am in the process of making a cycling movie similar to the ones done by MTBers like Danny Macaskill (well the ones featuring him). However, the movie will just feature me and my bike.

    A detailled look at what the video will contain:
    Get up and get the bike out of the garage, ride around a bit, do some nice moves, get some nice scenery, get some good sections of video, and finally return home.
    There will be many different shots and angles however, I am doing the movie all on my own so dont moan if some of the pictures are a bit wobbly or fixed.

    Just wondering who is interested in the idea and who would actually like to see it? I am currently putting together a trailer and will come out with the final vid in a few days.
  2. jayonabike

    jayonabike Powered by caffeine & whisky

    I'd love to see it but I have some wet paint I need to watch till it's dried.
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  3. MontyVeda

    MontyVeda a short-tempered ill-controlled small-minded troll

    bit harsh!

    go for it Matt... you know us lot... we'll get picky about everything from the audio quality to each and every aspect of your riding, the quality of the editing and so on...

    it may not be perfect or may not be good, it may be surprisingly professional... whatever it is it won't be as good as the film you put together next, or the one after that. :smile:
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  4. YahudaMoon

    YahudaMoon Über Member

    Sounds good

    Don't forget somes shots falling off, going through a public house (Taking drinks off the tables in the process) Multi story car park decent, nearly getting killed by bus, getting abuse from peds, other road users and finally breaking the bike in some way.


    Oh yeah and a good sound track, maybe '

  5. YahudaMoon

    YahudaMoon Über Member

    Something is seriously wrong with that
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  6. OP

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

    Talking about the soundtrack, I was looking for something a bit calming but the only things on my MP4 are either Dubstep or R&B. Does anyone know of a place to buy or download something a bit less upbeat? (You oldies should be helpful)
  7. lordloveaduck

    lordloveaduck Well-Known Member

    If you film first. It may be easier to work out the music afterward (to match the scene)
  8. OP

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

    Okay, I will try that. I am going to get up early and do the moving scenes (just got to make sure I dont run the camera over when I pass it closely).
  9. MontyVeda

    MontyVeda a short-tempered ill-controlled small-minded troll

    This certainly fits the 'bit calming' category (and you can buy it for free!)...
  10. gaz

    gaz Cycle Camera TV

    South Croydon
    I've had a story board that I keep meaning to film about commuting to work and how great it is.... just never got round to it.

    You need to make videos for your self, not for others.
  11. OP

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

    Well this has been something that I have been meaning to do for a while. I havent put a story board together (however that is a good idea) but I have a story in my mind and will just have to get the shots now.

    I understand what you mean but if I can pull off something which appears reasonably good (still amatuer though) then I will be happy with myself and feel like I have acheived something worth achieving which other people are interested in.
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  12. OP

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

    A little too calming. I was thinking of something which had a slow start, a moderately loud middle, and returned to a slow ending. (Slow as in soothing)

    I do have an idea of using the disk drive on the family computer to copy a music file from a CD I have onto my memory stick. Then I can put it on my netbook and use it in the vid.
  13. MrB1obby

    MrB1obby Well-Known Member

    I've got to be honest. I'm finding it hard to see how I'd personally be interested in this, but purely because of that, I am interested to see what it's like. I like your style :thumbsup:

    You may actually find you have a hidden talent in movie making and all, but IMO the most important thing is that you enjoy doing it and you enjoy the final product. That's all that matters, right? :bicycle:
  14. OP

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

    Actually, I have now solved the music problem. Simply Googled 'Free music downloads' and found a brilliant site. Chosen a fitting song which I can mould a slightly amusing story around.

    Edit: Chosen two songs. I might use one in the trailer and one in the main vid. Or I will just scrap the trailer and do the final cut.
    I must say, I am really enjoying this creativity.
  15. OP

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

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