Cyclist overtaking Cyclist on Cycle Path

Had a bit of an argument with a fellow cyclist whilst commuting to work this morning and wanted to put it past other people to see what they thought.

Basically I was cycling behind 2 other people and a skateboard pulled out ahead of us so, as the oncoming cycle lane was clear, we one by one overtook the skateboard where suddenly this woman came on the outside of me as I was overtaking yelling at me to look before I overtook. Admittedly I didn't look over my shoulder to check behind me before overtaking but I would have thought that she should have anticipated that the cyclists in front of her were going to overtake the slow moving skateboard and that she should wait her turn.

I should have ignored her berating me but I did talk back at her saying that she should have anticipated that I would be following everyone else and overtake the skateboarder and that it was her responsibility being behind me to make sure that she was in a position to safely overtake. Besides at a minimum she should have used the bell that was on her bike.

Again I didn't look and if that makes it my fault then so be-it but I maintain that it is more the responsibility of the person behind you to make sure that they can safely overtake. Thoughts?


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Some folk are always right. She should really have waited.

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You admit that you didn't look over your shoulder before overtaking, so you don't know if she was already going at a speed and was in a position to overtake all of you in one go. I get a bit miffed if someone suddenly pulls out into my path without looking.

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Without knowing more about it I'd start with 50:50, but in my brain it would also depend on how wide the path is and how slow the skateboard.


In motoring an accident is always blamed on the vehicle behind isn't it?

You should have looked, but she should have anticipated your manoeuvre - especially as it was very predictable - and allowed for it. I'd say it's more her fault than yours, but none of us react well when we've just had a shot of adrenaline.


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So Women can be self entitled peanuts too, shock horror


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Agreed that she should have anticipated. However, ultimately I'd probably put the OP slightly more in the wrong. In a similar situation on, say, a motorway in a car, if a vehicle pulled into the next lane without looking, I think any resulting accident would probably be put upon the vehicle moving out, rather than the vehicle not anticipating that move (even if it was obvious they were about to move out because they had their indicator on for example).

Whether that is a good comparison to this situation or not, I'm not entirely sure. Still, nobody came off at the end of the day. That's what counts. Perhaps next time she'll think to hang back a bit in that situation.
It's the fashion these days to see someone approaching an obstacle and try and beat them to it. Happens on motorways a hell of a lot. Where it's also now becoming the fashion to decide that someone has moved out too soon for an obstacle so undertake them and pull out in front of them before the obstacle.


In motoring an accident is always blamed on the vehicle behind isn't it?
Not when overtaking. If I was to overtake a line of trafic and someone in the line pulled to the right and hit me it would be there fault for not making sure the path was clear.

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Sounds like this was a shared cycle path do you also get miffed at pedestrians & children?
I'm not assuming that it's a shared path, and I don't get miffed at pedestrians and children. Maybe I should have worded that as "I get a bit miffed if a cyclist suddenly pulls out into my path without looking." Better?
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