Doping in other sports

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by montage, 17 Jan 2013.

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    Who do you support again ?
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    The IOC have banned Russia from the Winter Olympics, and banned their delegate for life.
    But he is the same man who is overseeing the FIFA World Cup in the summer.
    FIFA will wash their hands of this again and the IOC still have to explain why they awarded the Olympics to Sotchi.
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    Retired Olympian Michael Jamieson covers a lot of bases in this interview but tips his hat at doping in swimming and dyson-levels of carpet-sweeping by FINA. Say it ain't so.
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    Armonmy Way
    I started to run it last night but there was no sound (in any language) so I looked at it after rebooting this morning. It's no longer available.
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    I watched a bit last night. Was there anything new that wasn't in the original report?
  9. What was it?
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    The bit I saw was about Sochi and the FSB organized sample replacement, which was all in the original report which got Russia banned. I think it went a bit further in clearly stating it was all on the orders of Putin and after that I stopped watching with the intention of going back.
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  12. Yep, on instructions of Putin and the former head of doping centre ii now in "protection" in US due to the high likelihood of him "dying in mysterious circumstances" at the behest of Putin.

    It was available as 34 minute documentary in English when I linked to it
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    Little story from NL...

    Jasmijn Lau, the biggest young talent in NL middle-distance running, has been stripped of the 5000m European title that she won last year (not sure if it was under 18 or under 20).

    Failed a dope test after the event, ran the Linford Christie “happy tea” defence, which largely seems to have been accepted and has been banned for one day coinciding with the race, so loses her title.

    Her comments in the piece make unhappy reading - “I know I was ran faster than everyone else, so this isn’t a big deal”. No real contrition or awareness of how this looks.

    She’s subsequently moved to the US - any guesses as to where she is?

    The day after this news broke here, the training group my daughter runs with posted a long note on doping on their fb page. Seems desperately sad to have to talk about doping with a 12 years old.
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