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Here is a question for those guys who know about e bay selling rules.

I have been watching an item on ebay which had a day to run. The BIN price was removed yesterday and the item continued to get bids. There was nothing in the ad to say the auction could end early.

The auction has now ended a day early.

Is the seller allow to stop the auction and withdraw his item whenever he wishes?


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Is the seller allowed to stop the auction and withdraw his item whenever he wishes?


If you are very interested in an item it's worth contacting the seller and seeing if they will end the auction early at a price you're happy to pay.

Some won't (I always specify that I'll let the auction run to the end), but many will.
Legally they are just offering it for sale (as a shop does) and so can decide not to sell it at any point up to the sale being agreed.

There is lots of legal fog in the area where they offer an item, you pick up the item and say "I will buy this" where you would think the deal is done at that point, but it is actually done when shop keeper accepts your money.


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answer to your question is simply.... yes they can , as wrong as i think it is , the seller probably pulled the auction because it wasnt attracting as high a price as they wanted, makes you wonder why bother bidding sometimes :wacko:
That is the normal reason you never know it might get re listed soon


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Once any bid is made, BIN is automatically removed....
If its removed from sale before the auction ends....end of story, no-one lost anything
I once won a chainset, cheap. Buyer immediately informed me of some spurious reason he couldn't allow it to go. Grudgingly accepted, without making a big issue of it, whaddayou do ?.
But, kept an eye on him for a while after...lo and behold, same chainset comes up for auction. Contacted him, threatened reporting to ebay etc and got my chainset for the original cheap price.
Ending before end of auction...nothing to be done.
After...that's another matter.
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