Early christmas present.


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I thought I would treat myself to an early Christmas present. A trip to the local bike shop and I came home with a new hybrid bike.
Very good service from the LBS, he built the bike and was all set up correctly. A nice lightweight bike, rapid fire gear shifters, 700c wheels, just need to put my lights on it and it will be ready for the commute to work in 2015.



I started out on a Discovery and have owned quite a few, still have a 501, a few newbie friends bought them too on my recommendation. I've seen advice that people need to spend x£100's to get started on a hybrid when all you need is a basic Dawes Discovery. :thumbsup:


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Why wait for 2015. It's nearly 2 weeks away. A quick 20 miler, to bed it in, must be in order.

Nice bike. If I can get the money together in time, I'm hoping for an early Christmas pressie myself. Realistically, it will be early Jan though. It might even go down in the sales but as it's a 2015 model, I kind of doubt that.


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I agree about the forks. The brake/shifters look too big on it too. I'd prefer smaller brake levers and down tube shifters.
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