Finally got the wife a road bike


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Well after looking at too many bikes and travelling all over the Midlands we found a bike in a local second hand bike shop literally round the corner from me like less than a mile. It's an orbea asphalt marmolada from way back in 2007/8 but in time warp condition (well I think so anyway) it's got a full campag groupset on it's
really light for an old girl but more importantly fits her perfectly


Well that's buggered up your escape plans.

No more "just going for a short ride dear" and coming back 4 hours later


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On the flip side it means if we go for a ride on the road I don't have to clean 2kg of mud off her bike like I do when we come off the trails. Apparently that's my job while she watches corrie
I would sooner clean 10 bikes than watch Corrie or any soap, but seriously that’s a nice find I hope your wife enjoys it


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Thanks, Con. I'll take a look next time I'm passing through.
It's a bit like steptoe's yard with all sorts of stuff from cheap kids bikes to full carbon jobs and I think he's going to do a bike jumble sale soon. That might be worth a look.


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Flippin Nora, what a LBS! Shame shops like that are so sparsely distributed.

If the alternative was watching a soap-opera I might actually be persuaded to clean one of my bikes. The reason I have mudguards is so I do not have to carry such a weight of mud around.
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