First Imperial Century

Strewth - I've only gone and done it! Ahead of plan, too!!!

A Mate suggested that a few of us punch out a little 85 miler this morning. I was really up for it. We had a great ride and, on the return, I just knew I still had 20 or so miles in the legs - so I went for it.

Started in brilliant sunshine and bright blue skies. Finished in the mother of all thunder storms. Front mech failed about 40 miles in - meaning I had to complete the final 60 miles on the big ring. But, all those things only added to the sense of acheievement.

This has been a goal since the day I got my first road bike and I am over the moon to have acheived it.

If you saw a cyclist in a Trek Leopard kit, soaked to the skin, waiting to cross the A127 near Leigh on Sea whilst grinning like a madman around 2 pm today - it was probably me!!!^_^


Well done mate

Thanks everyone - very much appreciated. And, Ron-da-Valli, I make you right - one or two beers have been downed and tasted all the sweeter. :smile:


Proud Daddy
Congrats :smile:

Well done, a century seems like a dream to me at the minute, last four Saturday's I've done 50+ but the thought of doubling that seems impossible
Really, I promise you; it will happen. Like you, for the last few months, I've been happily knocking out half-centuries and metric centuries every Saturday for the last few months (at least).

That prepares you - you build the legs, stamina and fitness. Before you know it, the day will come when you know you've got the fitness, the legs and the opportunity and you will do it.

One bit of advice though - check your bike thoroughly before setting out on your first century and if the Met Office Website threatens thundery shower then take a waterproof!!!:whistle:
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