FNRttC Friday Night Ride to the Coast - te 'Genteel' ride to Brighton on 23rd July 2010


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Friday Night Ride to the Coast - te 'Genteel' ride to Brighton on 23rd July

The route is designed for those who don't fancy the all-out sweat-fest that is the Dunwich Dynamo, being a modest 58 miles, (although some loons are planning to do both). It has three hills which are as pleasurable to walk as they are to ride. It will feature Planet Sweet, Horley's finest Turkish cafe, and the Madeira Cafe is expecting us for breakfast. We'll go down quiet roads, lanes and the occasional path, and, if we're lucky, see wallabies and peacocks.

This ride sometimes attracts a new, less vigourously athletic crowd than usual. There's less raw muscle on display, but significantly less slurping of tea! Pinkie fingers are a must!

To register you I need

- your mobile number
- your CTC/LCC/BC/AUK number if you're a member of any of these organisations
- confirmation that you've read and understood 'the basics' which can be found at http://fnrttc.blogspot.com/

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ursula H
Kalina N
Katherine P
Bridget M
Susie F


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Add me to the list, please. Hopefully I'll manage the double this year.

You should also be hearing from Sarah T plus A N Other for this ride.


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Yes please Simon. And happy to volunteer for TEC duties again.


Here for rides.
Thinks, stares at calendar, blinks, sighs.... No chance of the double for me.

Whilst I got a pass to be the distant lanterne rouge of Horsham Cycling Clubs Dun Run Team, who knew joining a cycle club could be such fun, it doesn't extend to Friday night. But there is an upside as balm to my disappointment, the Lovely Helen is breaking free from her current employment for pastures new in sunny Worthing; educating the local yoofs at A2 on the subtleties of 20th Century Russian History.

Such is her overwhelming joy at escaping from her current berth, joy she shares with her boss who is also leaving for a new job, both fleeing from a school racked with threats of redundancies, pay cuts, etc., and who said teaching was a steady job for life, that they are taking their men out to Ghyll Manor for a slap up dinner on the night of the next FNRttC. Don't know if you noticed Ghyll Manor in Rusper as you rode past it in the small hours on Saturday morning..... Probably not but it's rather genteel.

We shall raise a glass at midnight to the gentlefolk who are FNRttC. Godspeed you all.
You do find some good excuses Greg! I suppose a 'gentell crash' into your party wouldn't be in order? :biggrin:

I'm coming. Please. I can be at the back all night if need be. Dunwich Dynamo is something I'll decide a bit nearer the time as I have never been 'genteely entertained' in Brighton. There is also something new to experience. If it is anything like yesterday then roll on genteel...:wacko:


Here for rides.
Aperitif said:
You do find some good excuses Greg! I suppose a 'gentell crash' into your party wouldn't be in order? :wacko:
I work darned hard to maintain my BMI of 28.5 so I try to do it with style. not so much a spare tyre as a spare set of wheels, for a tractor.

We ought to get Dell to consider an hybrid Bognor/Brighton route sometime. Down to the cabin and then due south by the lanes. Dead easy to do. Dyke Road rather than Beacon.
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