Garmin edge 500 fault since software update


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Has anyone experienced any problems with their Garmin Edge 500 since updating the software to version 3.0???

Mine looks like its working fine when i turn it on but when i start moving the speed reading never gets above 6 mph and more often doesn't even register that im moving.

All the other data field readings such as HR and Time are working fine just the speed reading is faulty.

The problem has only started since i upgraded the software to 3.0 and i cant reinstall the older version.

I'm gutted really because it didn't work last Sunday when i did the Liverpool to Chester ride as i reckon i did 130 miles on the day which was my longest ever single days ride and cant prove it.


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Are you using the wheel sensor?


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Make sure you never update for a few weeks and let some other poor sod find the issues. Garmin buggered up the 705 about a year ago. The update was soon removed and a new one issued. Caused the unit to auto pause under trees which was weird as it never does that.


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Sadly Garmin do have somewhat of a reputation for not quite getting it right first time. There is no shortage of reports of people having had their units buggered up by a new software release (that said, I'm sure most have no problems at all). I can only but agree whole heartedly with the advice given upstream - that is, don't take a new update for a good few weeks.

Re your problem, have a look at the Garmin forums and see if others have experienced the same thing.
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