Good stuff about getting old


If 6 Was 9
No disrespect to/criticism of the other thread on the undoubted problems of getting old,but do you nice folks have any encouraging positives?


Eh up
No work, so more cycling.
Free prescriptions,
Free bus travel.
Half price train travel (West Yorkshire)
Not bothered what people think attitude (is that a good thing:wacko:)
Taking KOM's of youngsters with attitude.
Not being asked by the kids to repair or service their cars.
Doing absolutely nothing all day if that's how I feel.


I'm calmer, more chilled, less likely to fly into a murderous rage.

Oh, and i'm saving a fortune in hair cuts and hair product.

Younger laydees seem to dig older men.

I'm not pithing my life away at work (i pith it away on here instead!)

I can wear cloth caps, carpet slippers and Barbour jackets without looking pretentious. Obviously, not all 3 at the same time.

Car insurance is cheaper.

I get mistaken for Sean Connery more often.

People expect me to smell of wee and cabbage, so don't get so upset by the aroma as they did when I was 20.


Getting old but not past it
North Wales
I am fully aware that I can't solve the world's problems like I did when I was in my teens.
I can wear what I like and don't care about fashion.
Spend less on clothes.
Make full use of OAP discounts.
Free bus pass ( which I hardly use)
Can only be told what to do by my wife.
Have no money worries and no mortgage.


I thought sean connery, very sadly, had somewhat lost it.
Rubbish. Look, we're both studmuffins:

Sean Connery:




We're practically twins!
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