How many cyclists at your office?

How may people at your work cycle?

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I replied 5-10 but most of those are fair weather cyclists. There are 4 of us who cycle in most weathers and only myself and 1 other cycle whatever the weather.

Perhaps I should have answered 1-5 instead?


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I'd say there are at least 10 all weather cyclists plus another 10 or 15 fair weather (and annoying) cyclists.

Just don't get me started on the fair weather lot, they leave your bike hanging against your lock by its spokes and all kinds of other annoying bits!!! :sun:


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5 - 10 out of 130+ people on campus. But I'm working on it, as I have resp. for facilities by improving the facilities for secure cycle storage and changing. In my employers interest to do this or expensive additional car parking will soon be required.

but I'm only a fair weatherite. As far as I know on the mixed moders are full on 365 no matter what riders. (just over a mile from the station)
Just me.


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I think there are 12 all weather cyclists here. However thats only the people I can see from my desk :sun: not sure about the rest of my dept.


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I've answered for the building as a whole (lots of small companies) - it's got to the point of there being a problem parking if you get in late. Which is kind of a good thing. Sort of.
It depends how you define the office.

In the team of 30 I work in, 4 of us cycle.
In the office building with in the region of 2000 people, I would guess about 100 looking at the bike rack.
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