I always wave


It seems to be a bit of old fashioned now but if I pass a cyclist of any type or number coming in the opposite direction I give them a wave ,not an arm up in the air flag waving effort just a hand of the bar fingers raised acknowledgement.
I reckon this is returned about 50% of the time split evenly among leisure ,group rides flat out trainers and others .
Do you wave if not why

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I fart.


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On the way to work on the hybrid no. Generally because the only other cyclists seem to be commuting.

On the roadbike in the countryside towards other leisure cyclists then yes. I think its because its not just a wave hello is it? its a wave to say cycling is awesome and we both know it. I dont think all commuters feel like that.


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The people i encounter whether on foot or going up and down the canal tow path that i go on seem to be commuting. I find most just ignore you and i don't blame them really, work isn't normally a fun place to be heading towards on a bicycle. I tend to find older people leisurely cycling most friendly and acknowledge you.


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Do you wave if not why
can't be arsed for the most part... same way i don't say hello to all the people i pass in town, although tend to do when out in the countryside.

I'll wave back to a cyclist, but on the odd occasion I wave first, they'll often blank me... probably because I don't look like one of them.
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