I badly need a haircut. What do I do??????


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My better half gave me a lock-down hair cut. It's the shortest it's been since I was a kid when my dad used to take me to an Italian ex-POW for a crew-cut. It'll take a while to grow back, but I quite like the short look. Might save me pounds, too, in the long run, as I normally go to the barber every three weeks.

To be honest, with a reasonable set of trimmers, what can possibly go wrong....


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My bonce is kept highly polished, Pam cuts the front of her hair and I trim the back for her, I did have an oops moment yesterday when cutting it but managed to blend it in fine. Just have a couple of drinks and let one of the females or all of them have a go at it.


Mrs Slick did mine a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't brilliant but it did the job fine and as I've always said, there's only a week between a good cut and a bad one. Talk someone in your household to do it for you and learn to live with whatever the result is. :okay:


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Change your mindset and count yourself lucky for having hair.

Alt get some clippers on line, stick on the grade 8 25mm attachment and go over the whole lot - there is no skill involved, the Combe attachment does all that for you
You just inspired me. No.8 sounds like something a novice could attempt.
Thank you.


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Always cut my own with clippers, its easy, pick your length attachment, go over it all evenly if your not bothered about anything fancy, I did mine to no2 about six weeks ago, done the sides and back to no2 a few times since then. its easier same length all over, be brave.
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